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Gwyn: ancient god of Glastonbury and key to the Glastonbury zodiac (2007)

Yuri Leitch

Celtic saints and the Glastonbury Zodiac (1998)

Mary Caine

Cornwall's landscape zodiac: an exciting discovery revealing the secrets of the ancient world (1996)

Sheila Jeffries

A guide to Glastonbury's temple of the stars: its giant effegies described from air views, maps... the Holy Grail (1985)

Guide ..

The Glastonbury zodiac: key to the mysteries of Britain (1978)

Mary Caine

A guide to Glastonbury's temple of the stars. (1964)

Katharine Emma Maltwood

Somerset sanctuary (1985)

Caroline Hall Hovey

The Glastonbury giants ([1985])

Mary Caine

Glastonbury and Britain: a study in patterns (1990)