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The hounds of the moor (2005)

Olivia Ryder

Devon stories of the supernatural (2003)

Chard, Judy

Somerset stories of the supernatural (2001)

Evans, Roger

Edge of the unknown (1995)

Michael Williams

Weird Devon (2000)

Jonathan Downes

Strange hearsay from around the West Country (1970)

Peter Martin (West Country historian)

Weird Cornish tales: three stories of the supernatural (1997)

Supernatural in the west (1996)

Michael Williams

Supernatural in Cornwall ([1974])

Michael Williams

Supernatural investigation (1993)

Michael Williams

Supernatural in Cornwall (1979)

Michael Williams

Atlas of the supernatural (1990)

Derek Parker

Supernatural search in Cornwall (1991)

Michael Williams

Horrors and hauntings in Cornwall (1989)

The supernatural tales of Thomas Hardy (1988)

Hardy, Thomas

Horrors and hauntings in Devon: an anthology of short stories (1989)

Subversion of materialism by credible attestation of supernatural occurrences (1826)

Jonas Dennis (Reverend)

Supernatural adventure (1987)

Michael Williams