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Devon ghosts and legends (2009)

Mike Holgate

Haunted Devon (2006)

Ian Addicoat

Ghost hunting south-west (2004)

Michael Williams

Celebrity ghosts of Devon (2003)

Mike Holgate

Haunted places of Devon (2004)

Rupert Matthews (Historian and paranormalist)

The spectral hounds (1969)

J. Gordon Walker

Ghosts and happenings (1972)

Mary Ann Bray

Ghosts travellers (1970)

Mary Collier

Ghosts in the West (1967)

Mary Drake

Ghosts of North Devon (2009)

Peter Underwood

Ghosts of North Devon (1999)

Peter Underwood

West country talkes: stories of mystery and suspense (1982)

Ghosts of the West Country ([1996])

Keith B. Poole (Ghost historian)

Classic Devon ghost stories (1996)

Freshly unearthed ghostly tales of Wessex (1995)

Patricia M. Wilnecker

Shades and spectres: a guide to Devon hauntings (1978)

Ghastly and Ghostly Devon (1992)

Sally Barber

Ghosts of Dorset, Devon and Somerset (1974)

Legg, Rodney

Strange West Country hauntings: never told before ([1989])

Graham Wyley

The Ghosts of Exeter (1990)

Sally Barber

Dark and dastardly Dartmoor (1988)

Sally Barber

The Devonair book of haunted happenings (1987)

Chard, Judy

Westcountry hauntings (1986)

Peter Underwood

Ghosts in Cornwall: a new look at hauntings in the South West (1986)

Eric Hirth

Ghosts of Devon (1982)

Peter Underwood

Devon ghosts (1982)

Theo Brown

Ghosts in the South West (1973)

James Turner

Devon's ghosts (1975)

A. Farquharson-Coe

Ghosts in Devon (1972)

J. R. W. Coxhead

Ghosts, ghouls and golems: thirteen Devonian ghost stories ([1975])

A narrative of the demon of Spraiton: in a letter from a person of quality in the County of Devon to a gentleman in London .. ([1960?)

The real story of the Chambercombe ghost (20th century)

Hugh Hesselwaite