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Parson Joe and his book (1914)

John Frederick Chanter (Reverend)

I predict (1978)

Acora (Gypsy)

Gipsy horoscope (1976)

Acora (Gypsy)

Discover the tarot (1991)

Shirley Wallis

Look into the future (1983)

Acora (Gypsy)

Over the hill of time (19--)

Eleanor L. Kimber

Crop circles at Cheriton Bishop ([1992])

Crop circles at Cheriton Bishop. 6.8.1992 (1992)

Andy German

The investigation of a cropmark in the lower Exe Valley (1985)

John Uglow

Circles from the sky: proceedings of the first international conference on the circles effect at Oxford ; .. (1991)

A narrative of the extraordinary case of George Lukins of Yatton.. (1979)

Ghostly haunts (1995)

Ghosts in country villages: stories of mystery and the supernatural (1983)

Haunted Cornwall: a book of supernatural stories (1980)

Haunted Cornwall: a book of supernatural stories (1973)

South-West phantasmagoria: stories of ghosts, suspense and supernatural terror, with an introduction on science and the supernatural (1995)

Derricke Ridgway

Devon ghost tales (2018, 1976)

Janet Dowling

Devon ghosts and legends (2009)

Mike Holgate

No admittance after dark (2012)

Laurence Green

A ghostly almanac of Devon and Cornwall (2009)

Nicola Sly

Haunted Dorchester (2008)

Julie Harwood

Haunted St.Ives (2008)

Ian Addicoat

Haunted Poole (2008)

Julie Harwood

Dartmouth ghosts and mysteries: tales of the town and its villages (2006)

Ken Taylor

Haunted Devon (2006)

Ian Addicoat

Westcountry stories of the restless dead (2008)

Laurence Green

Ghosts, Ghouls and golems : thirteen Devonian ghost stories (, 1976)

Ghosts, ghouls and golems : thirteen Devonian ghost stories (1976)

Haunted Cornwall (2005)

Paul Newman

Ghost hunting south-west (2004)

Michael Williams

Celebrity ghosts of Devon (2003)

Mike Holgate

Haunted Bristol (2004)

Sue Le'Queux

Haunted places of Devon (2004)

Rupert Matthews (Historian and paranormalist)

Some Devon ghosties and ghoulies (1960)

Coleman, Robert

Ghost that haunts an ancient farm : secrets disclose an eerie tale (1935)

de Moleyns, Clara E.

Ghosts of Dorset (2006)

Peter Underwood

The spectral hounds (1969)

J. Gordon Walker

Ghosts and happenings (1972)

Mary Ann Bray

Ghosts travellers (1970)

Mary Collier

Ghosts in the West (1967)

Mary Drake

Ghosts of North Devon (2009)

Peter Underwood

Haunted Bath (2009)

David Brandon

A narrative of the demon of Spraiton. In a letter from ... (c.1990)

Ghost hunting: a tour of West Cornwall's ghosts, spirits and hauntings (2000)

Ian Addicoat

Ghosts and legends of South Somerset (1922, )

George Frederick Munford

Classic ghost stories from the Land's End (1998)

William Bottrell

Ghosts of North Devon (1999)

Peter Underwood

Ghosts of Somerset (1999)

Peter Underwood

Strange and wonderful news from Exeter, giving an account of the dreadful apparitions that was seen by Mr.Jacob Seley ... (1690)

Ghost stories from Branscombe (1996)