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Tomb of Voltaire under the Pantheon / drawn by Fredk. Nash On proof sheet with: Tomb of Heolise and Abeillard (1822)

Wilson Lowry

You learn by living (1963)

Eleanor Roosevelt

Tomorrow is now (1963)

Eleanor Roosevelt

The cult of the fact (1972)

Liam Hudson

Epicteti enchiridium una ... cum notis Wolfii, Casauboni .. (1723)


An essay concerning human understanding. - 19th ed (1793)

John Locke

Les pensees de J.J.Rousseau, citoyen de Geneve (1766)

Jean Jacques Rousseau

Logick; or the right use of reason in the inquiry after truth (1790)

Isaac Watts

Interchange ; a journal of human evolution on earth ; no 24 (1981)

Ideas and realities; or thoughts on various subjects (1827)

William Danby

These silent mansions: a life in graveyards (2020)

Jean Sprackland

The christian's defence against the fears of death, with seasonable directions how to prepare ourselves to die well. - 15th ed (1741)

Charles Delincourt

The christian's defence against the fears of death. - 22nd ed (1797)

Charles Drelincourt

Were my ancestors' deaths registered: a study based on the Tavistock Registration District 1840-1895 (2007)

Mettler, Alex

Death and memory in medieval Exeter (2003)

David N. Lepine

Sixth joint conference, Torquay, 1937 ([1937])

An account of a male child about fourteen inches long, taken after the mother's death out of the left fallopian tube, in Tiverton (1715)

Thomas Henley

Tiverton: memorandum of deaths (1822-)

Mind out of time? reincarnation claims investigated (1981)

Ian Wilson

Second time round (1974)

E.W. Ryall

An essay on the immateriality and immortality of the human soul ... (1802)

Samuel Drew

Parson Joe and his book (1914)

John Frederick Chanter (Reverend)

I predict (1978)

Acora (Gypsy)

Gipsy horoscope (1976)

Acora (Gypsy)

Discover the tarot (1991)

Shirley Wallis

Look into the future (1983)

Acora (Gypsy)

Over the hill of time (19--)

Eleanor L. Kimber

Crop circles at Cheriton Bishop ([1992])

Crop circles at Cheriton Bishop. 6.8.1992 (1992)

Andy German

The investigation of a cropmark in the lower Exe Valley (1985)

John Uglow

Circles from the sky: proceedings of the first international conference on the circles effect at Oxford ; .. (1991)

A narrative of the extraordinary case of George Lukins of Yatton.. (1979)

Ghostly haunts (1995)

Ghosts in country villages: stories of mystery and the supernatural (1983)

Haunted Cornwall: a book of supernatural stories (1980)

Haunted Cornwall: a book of supernatural stories (1973)

South-West phantasmagoria: stories of ghosts, suspense and supernatural terror, with an introduction on science and the supernatural (1995)

Derricke Ridgway

Devon ghost tales (2018, 1976)

Janet Dowling

Devon ghosts and legends (2009)

Mike Holgate

No admittance after dark (2012)

Laurence Green

A ghostly almanac of Devon and Cornwall (2009)

Nicola Sly

Haunted Dorchester (2008)

Julie Harwood

Haunted St.Ives (2008)

Ian Addicoat

Haunted Poole (2008)

Julie Harwood

Dartmouth ghosts and mysteries: tales of the town and its villages (2006)

Ken Taylor

Haunted Devon (2006)

Ian Addicoat

Westcountry stories of the restless dead (2008)

Laurence Green

Ghosts, Ghouls and golems : thirteen Devonian ghost stories (, 1976)

Ghosts, ghouls and golems : thirteen Devonian ghost stories (1976)

Haunted Cornwall (2005)

Paul Newman