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Eagle Star, a guide to its history and archives (1997)

Isabel Syed

Butterworths, history of a publishing house (1997)

W. Gordon Graham

Joseph Cottle and the romantics: the life of a Bristol publisher (2008)

Basil Cottle

[Charles Knight] ([1865?])

Antoine Claudet

[ List of publications] (1795?)

Stockdale, John

Strange encounter (1930)

Priestley, J. B.

A publisher of technology (1933)

John Lane : a personal note (1926)

Chope, R. Pearse

Obituary : Mr. Francis James Blight (1936)

Obituary : Mr. John Maitland Marshall, J.P (1934)

One four three: the quarterly newsletter of A.Wheaton & Co.Ltd. (1965-)

The Exmoor Press (1974)

Bonham-Carter, Victor

David and Charles (1973)

Stephen Perry

George Newnes and the new journalism in Britian 1880-1910: culture and profit (2001)

Kate Jackson

William Frederick Rock 1802-1890 (2002)

The complete works: backlist catalogue ([1990])

No rebuilding lanes in the city: an appeal for open spaces in London, and against yhe threatened rebuilding of Bucklersbury (1869)

Rock, William Frederick

Fred T. Jane: an eccentric visionary (1997)

Richard Brooks

Catalogue ([1987?)

New titles and complete backlist 97 (1997)

Book catalogue 1997 (1997)

Train and test (1959)

A. E. Hall

Chapman and Son, publishers, Dawlish (1982)

Raymond C. Worden

New titles and complete backlist 96 (1996)

John Lane and the nineties (1936)

J. Lewis May

A biographical sketch of Francis James Blight, F.R.S.E. publisher (1931)

George Hawker

The Kimber list: a bibliography of books published by William Kimber (1996)

H.M.S. Rodney: the story of an immortal name, 1808-1931 (1931)

C. R. Benstead

The archives of Elkin Mathews, 1811-1938 (1973)

Joseph Cottle of Bristol (1987)

Basil Cottle

Good books come from Devon: The David & Charles twenty-first birthday book (1981)

Devon Books, 1993: official publisher to Devon County Council (1993)

my forty years with Debrett (, 1963)

Cyril Hankinson

The Parliament of man: the federation of the world (1992)

Harold S. Bidmead

Books in print and forthcoming 1991 (1991)

Elkin Mathews: publisher to Yeats, Joyce, Pound (1990)

James G. Nelson

Further train and test exercises for juniors (1955)

A. E. Hall

Catalogue. (1931)

The Bodley Head, 1887-1987 (1988)

J. W. Lambert

Rights catalogue, 1987 (1987)

A.Wheaton & Company ... a brief history ([1986])

Complete catalogue 1986 ([1985])

An appreciation of the late William Frederick Rock Esq., 1802-90 (1979)

Reginald Norman

Barnstaple's benefactor: William Frederick Rock (1933)

C. W. Brannam