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Five million words later: an autobiography (1970)

Bruce Bliven

I know what I liked (1974)

Vernon Bartlett

News in the regions: Plymouth Sound to Moray Firth (1989)

Alastair Hetherington

Press Conduct in the Thorpe affair: a report (1980)

The Exeter garland: facsimiles of early items in Devon libraries. 13. A miscellany of broadsheets, 1651-1810 (1991)

Single sheets from a country town: the example of Exeter (1990)

Maxted, Ian

[Stephen Belben] ([1905?])

Jessop, H. Trevor

James Perry Esqre. (1818)

James Thomson (Engraver)

[Goldwin Smith] ([1865?])

Our new assistant secretary (1929)

Obituary : Mr. Alfred T. Gregory of Tiverton (1942)

A diamond jubilee (1931)

Mr. and Mrs. John Martin (1942)

Obituary : Mr. F. Chubb-Finch of Tiverton (1941)

Obituary : Mr. N. Lane Jackson (1938)

Sir J.C. Squire (1934)

Obituary : Arthur Frank Woodward ; journalist - sportsman (1949)

Obituary : Mr. John Martin of Petrockstow (1945)

Obituary : Mr R. Drennan of Totnes (1940)

John Martin : founder of the Devonians in London (1926)

John ..

Veteran Devonian journalist in South Wales (1945)

Obituary : Mr. W. Crosbie Coles of Bideford (1944)

Notes and gleanings : Arthur John Cummings (1940)

Obituary : Sir James Owen, J.P., Exeter (1940)

Obituary : Mr. W.H. Smart of Plymouth (1940)

Notable London Devonians : Mr. John Martin (1938)

Mr. John Martin (1936)

Journalist, fencer and art critic (1929)

Obituary : Sir F.C. Gould (1926)

The Cobbett of the West (1985)

Ian Stoyle

Obituary notices: Richard Nicholls Worth (1896)

W. Harpley

Henry Baird (1914)

T. N. Brushfield

Voice from the past: a Liberal manuscript ([1959])

Richard Robbins

The life and bibliography of Andrew Brice, author and journalist (1888)

T. N. Brushfield

Our Falklands war (1983)

Geoffrey Underwood

A career of sorts (1967)

H. R. Cummings

Richard Sydenham in Poole: radical journalism and the railway interest (1979)

Lawrence Popplewell

Don't quote me...but (1979)

Lambert, Derek

And I quote (1980)

Lambert, Derek

Squire: most geneous of men (1963)

Patrick Howarth

Country reporter (1993)

David Foot

The unquiet suitcase: Priestland at sixty (1990)

Gerald Priestland

The unquiet suitcase: Priestland at sixty (1988)

Gerald Priestland

Life so far (1954)

Wilson Harris

Recollections of a country editor: by a Devon journalist (1932)

Alfred T Gregory

The masks of hate: the problem of false solutions in the culture of an aquisitive society (1972)

David Holbrook

The broadcast and film media in the south west (2000)

Steven Brand

Bristol Channel news: the West media network (1994-)

Greater Exmoor Media Directory ([2004?])

Media list for the seven counties of Avon, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire (1982)