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Orme, Sarah

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Local studies classification scheme (1981)

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Westcountry Studies Library (2005)

Westcountry Studies Library : guide to special collections (2003)

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Introduction aux fonds locaux (2003)

Devon's studies service : an introduction (2003)

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Local studies librarianship: a world bibliography (2001)

Diana Dixon

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Diana Winterbotham

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N. E. Dain

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Mark Lawrence,

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Harold Nichols

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J. L. Hobbs

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Julie Bird

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Mike Petty

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Alice Lynes

A sense of place: discover your local history with the Cornish Studies Library ([1991])

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A manual of local studies librarianship (1987)

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The Cambridgeshire Collection and secondary schools (1983)

J. E. Brown

Promoting the local studies collection: a comparison of methods in two libraries (1985)

Mary-Jane Morgan