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Historic churches in Herriot Country

YAT News: Newsletter of the York Archaeological Trust (1983)

Historic churches in Whitby and the Esk Valley

York: Official Guide to the city

The work of the York Archaeological Trust in 1985 (1985)

P. V. Addyman

The work of the York Archaeological Trust, 1973 (1973)

P. V. Addyman

Domestic Settlement 2: Medieval Peasant Farmsteads (, 1989)

Stuart Wrathmell

Making archaeology matter: quarrying and archaeology in the Trent Valley (2006)

David Knight

Jorvik Viking Centre: The most exciting journey in a thousand years

York mini guide 2006/07 (2006)

The girl on Codsend Moor: The mysterious disappearance and death of Molly Phillips (2016)

Matthew Greenwood

Historic churches in the Northern Dales

Roman York from A.D. 71: a handbook for visitors (1971)

Anglian and Viking York (1967)

Rosemary Cramp

Jorvik - Viking age York (1980s?)

R. A. Hall

The story of Roman Castleford (1990)

Philip Abramson

Medieval York (1982)

R. M. Butler

Marrick Priory: a nunnery in late medieval Yorkshire (1989)

John Tillotson

City and County of the City of York: Official Guide (1965)

Hunting for History: Community archaeology in greater York 2005-2010 (2010)

City Walls: York City Walls, 2000 years in 2 miles

Domesday York (1990)

D. M. Palliser

The Franciscans in the medieval custody of York (1997)

Michael Robson

The open fields of East Yorkshire (1959)

Alan Harris

The draining of the Hull valley (1958)

June A. Sheppard

Moorland & vale-land farming in north-east Yorkshire: the monastic contribution in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries (1967)

Bryan Waites

Cremetts and corrodies: care of the poor and sick at St Leonard's Hospital, York, in the middle ages (1991)

P. H. Cullum

Yorkshire archaeology today, no.21 (2011)

Medieval pottery in the Yorkshire Museum (1992)

Sarah Jennings

Pottery in medieval Southampton c.1066-1510 (2002)

Duncan H. Brown

The new antiquarians: 50 years of archaeological innovation in Wessex. (2011)

Rowan Whimster

Late Saxon stirrup-strap mounts: a classification and catalogue: a contribution to the study of Late Saxon ornamental metalwork (1997)

David Williams

Early post-medieval vessel glass in England: c.1500-1670 (2002)

Hugh Willmott

Artefacts and society in Roman and medieval Winchester: small finds from the suburbs and defences 1971-1986 (2008)

H. Rees

Northern Archaeology Today (2016)

Archaeology on television: an outline (30/09/1996)

Petra Malina

The Medieval Archaeology (1981)

Philip Arthur Rahtz

Archaeologists and architects: areas of communication, collaboration, and conflict. (1984)

Philip Arthur Rahtz

Roman samian pottery in Britain (1995)

Peter Webster

Quakers in Plymouth: a Friends meeting in context, 1654 to the 1960s

Martin Wyatt

Jorvik Viking Centre: official guide (1980s?)

Somerset anthology: twenty-four pieces (1975)

Clark, Roger

A history of shoe making in Street, Somerset: C. and J. Clark, 1833-1903 (1979)

George Barry Sutton

Quakers in science and industry (1993)

Arthur Raistrick

Strategies for digital data: findings and recommendations from Digital data in archaeology: a survey of user needs (1999)

Frances Condron

The white-robed queen: a view of the school at Sidcot since 1699 (1994)

Christopher Greenfield

Medical practice in medieval York (1996)

Philip Stell

Memoir of William Tanner (1868)

William Tanner

Fixtures and fittings in dated houses 1567-1763 (1994)

Linda J. Hall

Auritus: a natural history of the brown long-eared bat (1995)

Robert W. Howard