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Beth yw Cadw? - What is Cadw?: cyflwyniad i waith Cadw: Welsh Historic monuments - an introduction to the work of Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments (1995)

Guide to the collection illustrating the prehistory of Wales (1939)

W. F. Grimes

The walled towns of Wales & Chester [tourist brochure] (1995)

Caerleon: fortress of the legion (1979)

Donald Moore (Celtic archaeologist)

Laterarium Iscanum: the antefixes, brick and tile stamps of the second Augustan legion (1984)

George C. Boon

The Future of Roman Military Archaeology (1997)

Richard Reece

Catalogue of seals in the National Museum of Wales / Amgueddfeydd ac orielau Cenedlaethol Cymru (1998)

David H. Williams

Heritage in Wales, issue no. 1, Spring 1995 (1995)

Medieval Welsh monasteries (1986)

John W. Roberts

Welsh industrial workers housing 1775-1875 (1977)

J. B. Lowe

Caerleon-Isca: the Roman legionary museum (1987)

Richard J. Brewer

Rug Chapel and Llangar Church (1996)

The Augustan Legion in the West of Britain (1996)

M. G. Fulford

Heritage in Wales, issue no. 10, Summer 1998: 900 years - Cistercian special issue (1998)

The legionary fortress of Caerleon-Isca (1987)

George C. Boon

Wales, waterfronts and the world (2006)

Chieftains and princes: a power on the land of Wales (1994)

Charles Kightly

Hendre'r-ywydd Uchaf, Llangynhafal: a late 15th century house (1962)

Iorwerth C. Peate

Inventory of the ancient monuments in Glamorgan (1981)

Glamorgan county history (1980)

Glamorgan county history: from the Act of Union to the Industrial Revolution (1974)

Glamorgan county history (1971)

Glamorgan County history (, 1984)

Glamorgan county history (1936)

Pattern and purpose: a survey of early Celtic art in Britain (1958)

Cyril Fox (Sir)

Economy, society and warfare among the Britons and Saxons (1987)

Leslie Alcock

Ichthyosaurs: a history of fossil "sea-dragons" (1981)

S. R. Howe

Taunton Courier names index 1810-1812 ([199-])

Western Flying Post or Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury index 1773-1778 ([199-])

Bridgwater and Somersetshire Herald and Alfred index 1831-1832 ([199-])

Names index to police registers ... Cardiff ... Glamorgan: policemen with their origins in the West Country ([199-])

Bridgwater baptisms 1728-1743 ([199-])

Broomfield baptisms 1801-1845 ([199-])

Durleigh burials 1760-1870 ([199-])

Goathurst baptisms 1749-1812 ([199-])

Sampford Brett baptisms 1691-1737 ([199-])

Taunton St Mary Mag baptisms 1718-1727 ([199-])

Severn Estuary joint issues report: responses (1998, )

Some account of the town and parish of Wiveliscombe (1883)

Clement Waldron

The construction of Cheddar reservoir (1936)

R. W. Hall

King Edward 1's policy for Wales (1969)

S. B. Chrimes

Lichens of Glamorgan (1936)

A. E. Wade

The brown and the black rat in Wales (1931)

Colin Matheson

Guide to the collections of British lepidoptera (1925)

Distribution of bryophytes in the British Isles: a census catalogue of their occurrence in vice-counties (1981)

M. F. V. Corley

Welsh timber trees (1931)

H. A. Hyde

The coals of South Wales: notes on an exhibit in the department of geology (1925)

F. J. North

The slates of Wales (1925)

F. J. North

Flowering plants of Wales (1983)

R. G. Ellis

The Irish Sea province in archaeology and history (1970)

Donald Moore (Celtic archaeologist)