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Domesday Book: a guide (1986)

R.Welldon Finn

Bristol: ethnic minorities and the city 1000-2001 (2007)

Madge Dresser

Yeovil: a pictorial history, with illustrations from the Museum of South Somerset (1994)

Leslie Ernest John Brooke

Wells: a pictorial history (1992)

Tony Scrase

A history of Somerset (1983)

Robert W. Dunning

Local history for beginners (1980)

Robert W. Dunning

Excavations in the Donyatt potteries (1988)

Richard Coleman-Smith

Anglo-Saxon towns: in Southern England (1984)

Village records (1997)

John West

Church court records: an introduction for family and local historians (1995)

Anne Tarver

Arthurian sources (1995)

John Morris (Historian)

The Phillimore atlas and index of parish registers (1995)

Cecil R. Humphery-Smith

Weston-super-Mare: a pictorial history (1995)

Sharon Poole

The Union workhouse: a study guide for teachers and local historians (1994)

Andy Reid

How much is that worth? (1989)

Lionel M. Munby

Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Somerset (1988)

Peter G. Summers

Minehead and Dunster (1987)

Lamplugh, Lois

Squibbs' history of Bridgwater (1982)

Philip James Squibbs

Town records (1983)

John West

A history of Devon (1986)

Robin Stanes

Huguenot ancestry (1985)

Noel Currer-Briggs

Old title deeds: a guide for local and family historians (1986)

N. W. Alcock

Archives and local history (1974)

F. G. Emmison

Wills and where to find them (1974)

J. S. W. Gibson

Exmoor: the making of an English upland (2009)

Mary Siraut

Creating prehistory: Druids, ley hunters and archaeologists in pre-war Britain (2008)

Adam Stout

The archaeology of the Channel Islands (1986)

Peter Johnston

Scandinavian England: collected papers by F.T. Wainwright (1975)

F. T. Wainwright

Domesday book (1982)

King's Norton: a history (2009)

George Demidowicz

Domesday book (1979)

Palaces and parks of Ricjmond and Kew (1996)

John Cloake

Palaces and parks of Ricjmond and Kew (1995)

John Cloake

An historical atlas of Lincolnshire (1993)

Stewart Bennett

The making of Kings Lynn: secular buildings from the 11th to the 17th century (1971, 1971)

Vanessa Parker

Hampshire nunneries (1989)

Diana K. Coldicott

Hardwick: a great house and its estate (2009)

Philip Riden

An historical atlas of Norfolk (2005)

Trevor Ashwin

The correspondence of Stephen Fuller, 1788-1795: Jamaica, the West India interest at Westminster and the campaign to Preserve the slave trade (2014)

Michael W. McCahill

The parish chest: a study of the records of parochial administration in England (1983)

W. E. Tate

Domesday Book (1975)

Domesday Book (1975)

Domesday book (1976)

Domesday book (1978)

Domesday book (1976)

Domesday book (1978)

Domesday Book (1975)

Domesday book (1976)

Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, Singleton (1974)

Jack Roy Armstrong

Village records (1982)

John West