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On foot in Oxford

Malcolm Graham

Eynsham, Oxfordshire: a village and its abbey (2003)

Alan Hardy

Oxford buildings from medieval to modern: exteriors (1972)

David A. Hinton

Oxford Castle, 1071-1971 (1971)

The Oxfordshire Rural Community Council: a history of the first fifty years, 1920-1970 (1970)

Margaret Campbell

The Tradescants and the foundation of the Ashmolean Museum (1978)

Martin Welch

Tackley, Oxfordshire: the area of Court Farm and Hill Court (1978)

Alun T. Jones

The poor law and the workhouse in Oxfordshire, 1714-1890: a selection of documents

The cathedral church of Christ in Oxford: a guide book (1960-1969)

A. J. Watts

The Rollright Stones: the archaeology and folklore of the stones and their surroundings: a survey and review (1983)

George Lambrick

Folly Bridge: Teachers notes, Information booklet, 18 documents

Dean Court, a medieval settlement (1986)

Oxford in pictures: a descriptive tour of Oxford and the colleges ...

Maxwell Fraser

Ham Hill Stone: a medieval distribution pattern from Somerset (1985)

Christopher Gerrard

Glovemaking in West Oxfordshire (1974)

N. L. Leyland

Archaeology and central area redevelopment second phase, 1970-1980: Report to City Architect and Planning Officer (02/1971)

Medieval pottery of the Oxford region (1973)

David A. Hinton,

Oxford Castle, 1071-1971 (1971)

Parker (Viscountess)

TW Magazine, Autumn 2003 (2003)

Stanton Harcourt Manor (1982)

Alun T. Jones

Oxford Castle 900th anniversary exhibition (1971)

Journal of wetland archaeology (2011)

As I walked out: Sabine Baring-Gould and the search for the folk songs of Devon and Cornwall (2017)

Martin Graebe

A summary catalogue of the continental archaeological collections: Roman Iron Age, migration period, early medieval (1997)

Arthur MacGregor

Silent fields: the long decline of a nation's wildlife (2007)

Roger Lovegrove

The Roman pottery industry of the Oxford region (1977)

Christopher J. Young

The Beaker people: isotopes, mobility and diet in prehistoric Britain. (2019)

Notes for use in detailed field recording (1969)

The forgotten dead: the true story of Exercise Tiger, the disastrous rehearsal for D-Day (1988)

Ken Small

Computing for archaeologists. (1991)

Guide to the Greek, Roman, English and Chinese coins (1948)

Journal of wetland archaeology (2006)

From bridgehead to brewery: the medieval and post-medieval archaeological remains from Finzel's Reach, Bristol. (2017)

Ben M. Ford, Kate Brady, Steven Teague

The Alfred and Minster Lovell jewels (1961)

Joan R. Clarke

Brooches in late Iron Age and Roman Britain (2011)

D. F. Mackreth

Prehistoric combs of antler and bone (1999)

Christina Tuohy

The use of historic records for the augmentation of hydrological data: Reort No. 46 (1978)

H. R. Potter (HYdrologist)

Castles and the Anglo-Norman world: Proceedings of a Conference held at Norwich Castle in 2012 (2016)

John A. Davies, Angela Riley, Jean-Marie Levesque, Charlotte Lapiche

Torre Abbey, Devon: the archaeology of the premonstratensiam monastery (2019)

Deirdre Forde

The moneyer and the mint in the reign of Edward the Confessor 1042-1066 (1985)

Anthony Freeman

The Bronze Age metalwork of South Western Britain (1983)

Pearce, Susan M.

Fragments of the Bronze Age: the destruction and deposition of metalwork in south-west Britain and its wider context. (2022, )

Matthew G. Knight

The Oxford University Press and the spread of learning 1478-1978: an illustrated history. (1978)

Nicolas Barker

The Meare Heath, Somerset, hoard (1986)

J. A. Davies

Journal of wetland archaeology (2003)

The Place-name Kingston and royal power in middle Anglo-Saxon England: patterns, possibilities and purpose (2017)

Jill Bourne

Exeter: a place in time (2021)

Stephen Rippon

An intellectual adventurer in archaeology: reflections on the work of Charles Thomas. (2018)

Andy M. Jones, Henrietta Quinnell

A visual catalogue of Richard Hattatt's ancient brooches: reprinted from his fourth book 'Ancient Brooches and other artefacts' (2000)

Richard Hattatt

The origin of human social institutions (2001)

Walter. Sir Runciman