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North Somerset and Bristol (1958)

Nikolaus Pevsner

Cities of Vesuvius: Pompeii and Herculaneum (1976)

Michael Grant,

The Penguin dictionary of archaeology (1972)

Warwick Bray

Foundations in the dust: a story of Mesopotamian exploration (1955)

Seton Lloyd

North Somerset and Bristol (1973)

Nikolaus Pevsner

South and West Somerset (1958)

Nikolaus Pevsner

Wiltshire (1963)

Nikolaus Pevsner

Wildlife in Britain (1963)

Richard Fitter

Geology and scenery in England and Wales (1949)

Arthur Elijah Trueman

The Anglo-Saxons (1971)

David M. Wilson

Centuries of childhood (1973)

Philippe Ariès

Sixteenth-century England (1984)

Joyce Youings

Historia regum Britanniae: English (1966)

Geoffrey of Monmouth (Bishop of St. Asaph)

Society and Puritanism in pre-revolutionary England (1986, c1964)

Christopher Hill

English society in the eighteenth century (1982)

Roy Porter (Social historian)

Victorian people: a reassessment of persons and themes, 1851-67 (1990)

Asa Briggs

Victorian things (1990)

Asa Briggs

Arthur's Britain: history and archaeology, AD367-634 (1973)

Leslie Alcock

Grasses: a guide to their structure, identification, uses, and distribution in the British Isles (1984)

C. E. Hubbard

Lilies of the field (1991)

O'Donoghue, Maureen

The Somerset and north Devon coast path (1983)

H. D. Westacott

Somerset (1939)

Samuel Edward Winbolt

Grasses: a guide to their structure, identification, uses and distribution in the British Isles (1954)

C. E. Hubbard

Trees and shrubs (1944)

W. H. Rowe

British wild flowers (1955)

John Hutchinson

British wild flowers (1955)

John Hutchinson

More common wild flowers (1948)

John Hutchinson

Common wild flowers (1945)

John Hutchinson

Uncommon wild flowers (1950)

John Hutchinson

Human nature displayed in the history of Myddle (1981)

Richard Gough

The archaeology of early man (1975)

John Coles

Paupers and pig killers: the diary of William Holland, a Somerset parson 1799-1818 (1986, c1984)

Holland, William

Heraldry in England (1946)

Anthony Sir Wagner

Roman Britain (1963)

Ian Richmond (Sir)

English society in the early Middle Ages, 1066-1307 (1952)

Doris Mary Parsons Stenton (Lady)

Cornwall (1947)

J. W. Lambert

English society in the early middle ages (1951)

Doris Mary Parsons Stenton (Lady)

Tacitus: on Britain and Germany (1951)

Cornelius Tacitus

A tour through the whole island of Great Britain (1971)

Defoe, Daniel

The Penguin dictionary of surnames (1978)

Basil Cottle

The first of Midnight (1977)

Marjorie Darke

Architecture in Britain: the Middle Ages (1956)

Geoffrey Webb

The archaeology of Palestine (1960)

William Foxwell Albright

The ancient world (1944)

T. R. Glover

The prehistory of European society (1958)

V. Gordon Childe

Sussex (1965)

Ian Nairn

Yorkshire: York and the East Riding (1972)

Nikolaus Pevsner

An outline of European architecture (1953)

Nikolaus Pevsner

Worcestershire (1968)

Nikolaus Pevsner

Surrey (1971)

Ian Nairn