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Seeds of doubt (2011)

Pamela Vass

Somerset County Cricket Club: The return to glory 2001-2007 (2015)

Alain Lockyer

Camerton parish, Somerset: a step back in time (2016)

Julieann Biggs

Hidden landscapes of the South West Coast Path: walk, explore, disocver (2016)

Ruth Luckhurst

Disappearance of Maria Glenn: a true life regency mystery (2016)

Naomi Clifford

Burghal hidage: a burh by burh examination of the A-version Burghal Hidage list (2014)

Butler, Malcolm

Vikings in the West Country (2015)

Derek Gore

In Xanadu...: a companion to Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 'Kubla Khan' (2016)

Justin Shepherd

A personal tour of St Michael's Mount with James St. Aubyn (2010)

James St. Aubyn

Archives (2017)

Banksy breaks the rules (2016)

Hettie Bingham

The forgotten history of Somerset (2016)

Allan Bunyan

Current archaeology (1981)

Pilton, Somerset: lest we forget (2017)

The Bridgwater and Taunton canal (1972)

Alan P. Barrett

Wheels of grace (2013)

Tania Crosse

Lunacy to croquet: the life and times of Dr Thomas Nadauld Brushfield (2013)

Roger Bowan

South Devon: a Climbers' Club guide ([2018])

Pete Saunders

The witches of Bideford: a radio play, broadcast on BBC Radio Devon, August 255th, 2006 (2006)

Heidi Stephenson

Diary of Sampford Arundel Women's Institute over the last 100 years 1919-2019 (2019)

The Denman famil, yeoman farmers of Lopen, Somerset: an investigation of family history using manorial records of land tenure from the Tudor and Stuart period (2021)

Christopher Denman

Mysterious Somerset: unsolved murders, vanishing people and local legends (2020)

A. M. Gould

Once upon a time in the South West: Monmouth Rebellion 1685 (c.2020)

Andrew Jackson

When September ends (2021)

Adam Fouracre

Normal for Glastonbury: life in England's most magical town (2020)

Vicki Steward

The lives of the kings and queens of England (1975)

St Aidan and St Cuthbert

Henry Kelsey

Strawberry special (2021)

Alan Rowntree

The story of cothay (1990)

Robin Bush

Rougemont, Exeter, a medieval castle in its urban context: excavation and building recording at Exeter Castle, 1985-2016 (2021)

S. R. Blaylock

Exmoor including Minehead to Ilfracombe: short walks from the South West Coast Path (2021)

Richard Hallewell

Swaling on Dartmoor: an historical survey (2006)

Greeves, Tom

A village inheritance (2018)

Glyn Court

The Gorge (2021)

Matt Brolly

Survey of monumental inscriptions in the interior of the church of St Peter, Langford Budville (1998)

James Skeggs

Policing the West Country: 180 years of policing in Devon and Cornwall (2017)

Mark Rothwell

Material culture in London in an age of transition: Tudor and Stuart period finds c.1450-c.1700 from excavations at riverside sites in Southwark (2005)

Geoff Egan

Elmsworld: my life at Dartington Hall School 1963-1971 (2017)

Steve MacManus

Medieval life (1995)

John R. Guy

The Blackdown Hills Area of Outsnatding Natural Beauty & east Devon river catchments aerial investigation and mapping survey (2018)

Cain Hegarty

The Short straw: an account of survival: Java, Singapore and Borneo (2020)

Steve Mockridge

A Devon community in the time of Covid 2020 and beyond... (2021)

Tess Wiltshire

1841 Census, Halberton: HO.107 221 surname index (2007)

John Trott

Jewers revisited: heraldry at North Cadbury manor house (2012)

James Skeggs

Diary of a radio amateur: The Admiralty Shutter Telegraph line (2019)

John Wakefield

The bone garden (2021)

Ellis, Kate

A cursed inheritance (2017)

Ellis, Kate

Meandering in Somerset (2019)

John Coombs

British Standard 16893:2018: Conservation of cultural heritage - specifications for location, construction and modification of buildings or rooms intended for the storage or use of heritage ... (2018)

Topsham and sugar: connections with the Caribbean and Virginia (2021)

Patrick, Mike