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Dartmoor (2016)

Stephanie Spry

Dartmoor breakouts!: best escape stories (2015)

Trevor James

A review of the Cornish flora, 1980 (1981)

L. J. Margetts

Making music in Torbay: celebrating 140 years : an insight into the history, working and management of a large classical music choral society (2012)

Malvern Cooke

Songs of Cornwall: chiefly traditional drinking songs (1985)

Kenneth Pelmear

The early christian inscriptions of Dumnonia (1975)

Courtenay Arthur Ralegh Radford

Reversing language shift: the case of Cornish (2010)

Ute Wimmer

Great trees of Cornwall - Gwydh meur a Gernow: poetry anthology (2009)

The journal of the Trevithick Society. No. 36: 2009 (2009)

Oggie Tellam's second book of Cornish limericks (2007)

Tellam, David

Looking at Cornish churches (2005)

Joanna Mattingly

The geology of Cornwall: an introduction (2008)

Robert Westwood

Western watch: the official newspaper of the neighbourhood watch in Devon & Cornwall (1997-)

Cornwall's industrial past (2003)

Russell Holt

English-Cornish dictionary (2006)

Nicholas J. A. Williams

Oggie Tellam's book of Cornish limericks (2006)

Tellam, David

And all the world our patch: Cornish language posems and others (2004)

Mick Paynter

Plain-an-Gwarry Methodist Church, Redruth 23.1.65 (1965)

The Cornish adventures of Robert the Rabbit (2007)

Holdgate, Veronica

The journal of the Trevithick Society. No. 34: 2007 (2007)

The journal of the Trevithick Society. No. 35: 2008 (2008)

An illustrated history of Portloe (2004)

Keith Johns

Adders in Cornwall: The facts, folklore and literature (2004)

Les Merton

The Cornish seashore (2001)

Endymion Beer

The Devon seashore (2001)

Endymion Beer

Poetry Cornwall (2002-)

Cornish studies: journal of the Institute of Cornish Studies (1973)

Cornish biological records (1977-)

An forth: political magazine of Mebyon Kernow (1976-)

An weryn: a radical magazine for Cornwall (1978-)

The journal of the Trevithick Society. No. 30: 2003 (2003)

The journal of the Trevithick Society. No. 27: 2000 (2000)

In the grip of the old mine (2002)

Reuben G. Daniel

The Cornish miner in Australia (cousin Jack down under) (1984)

Philip J. Payton

China clay: traditional mining methods in Cornwall (1996)

Charles Thurlow

The cats of Tregoyne (2003)

Caroline Palmer (Author)

Git up and go: a history of Cornish mining families (2002)

Arthur Langford

The story of St.Ives (2001)

Cyril Noall

Cornwall's railways (2002)

Tony Fairclough

The Cornish sea shore (2001)

Endymion Beer

The spirit of a king: an illustrated collection of prose and poetry to honour the Cornish chough (2001)

The survey of Cornwall. Written by Richard Carew of Antonie, Esquire (2000)

Richard Carew

Ancient Cornwall (2000)

Paul White

Clotted cream (2000)

Carolyn Martin

Kernowscope: Spring 1999 issue (1999)

Cornish folk-lore (2000)

Robert Hunt

Wild flowers of the Cornish hedgerows (2000)

Trevor Beer

Wild flowers of the Devon hedgerows (2000)

Trevor Beer

Notes on the history of Redruth (1948)

Frank Bice Michell

Cornwall's engine houses (1999)

Denys Bradford Barton