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Ecological census techniques: a handbook (1996)

William J. Sutherland

Archives of peat bogs (1981)

Harry Godwin (Sir)

Farming in the first millennium AD: British agriculture between Julius Casear and William the Conqueror (2002)

P. J. Fowler

English in Australia now: notes on a visit to Victoria and other states (1973)

David Holbrook

The place-names of Dorset (1989)

A. D. Mills

The Parthenon (1981)

Susan Woodford

Ecological experiments: purpose, design and execution (1989)

Nelson G. Hairston

Reed - on the edge. (2020)

S. M. Haslam, Tina Bone

MDA archaeological objects thesaurus (1997)

Drying up (2018)

S. M. Haslam, Tina Bone

Stream story I: a riveting riverscape - River Brue, Somerset. (2018)

S. M. Haslam, Tina Bone

Palaces or minsters? Northampton and Cheddar reconsidered (1996)

John Blair (Doctor)

Cambridge Illustrated History of Ancient Greece (1998)

Paul Cartledge

A prologue to the series: plant identification and glossary of terms. (2019)

S. M. Haslam, Tina Bone

Interpret: what do plants tell us? (2018)

S. M. Haslam, Tina Bone

Benet's artefacts of England and the United Kingdom: current values (2000)

Paul G. Murawski

Experiments in ecology: their logical design and interpretation using analysis of variance. (1997)

A. J. Underwood

Towards an archaeology of mind: an inaugural lecture delivered before the University of Cambridge on 30 November 1982. (1982)

Colin Renfrew (Baron Renfrew of Kaimsthorn)

Flora of Great Britain and Ireland: volume 1, Lycopodiaceae - Salicaceae. (2018)

P. D. Sell, Gina Murrell

Archaeology is too important a subject not to be joked about (1992)

Philip Arthur Rahtz, Ian Burrow

An introduction to the Water Framework Directive. (2020)

S. M. Haslam, Tina Bone

Images of prehistory: views of early Britain (1990)

P. J. Fowler

A history of the crusades (1955)

Steven Runciman

The parish chest: a study of the records of parochial administration in England (1946)

W. E. Tate

An atlas of Roman Britain (1993)

G. D. B. Jones (Professor)

Two Glastonbury legends: King Arthur and St.Joseph of Arimathea (1926)

J. Armitage Robinson

The architectural history of Glastonbury Abbey (1866)

Robert Willis

The monastic craftsman: an inquiry into the services of monks to art in Britain and in Europe north of the Alps during the Middle Ages (1932)

R. E. Swartwout

A picture book of ancient British art (1951)

Stuart Piggott

The Bronze Age (1930)

V. Gordon Childe

The Pastons and their England: studies in an age of transition (1990)

H. S. Bennett

Famine, disease and the social order in early modern society (1989)

John Walter

Church courts, sex and marriage in England, 1570-1640 (1987)

Martin Ingram

Annals of the labouring poor: social change and agrarian England 1660-1900 (1985)

K. D. M. Snell

The economic history of Britain since 1700 (1981)

Roderick Floud

The fall of Constantinople, 1453 (1965)

Steven Runciman

The Somerset religious houses (1892)

William Arthur Jobson Archbold

Early wars of Wessex: studies from England's school of arms in the West (1913)

Albany Featherstonehaugh Major

The prehistoric chamber tombs of England and Wales (1950)

Glyn Daniel

British plant communities (1995)

British plant communities (1992)

British plant communities (1991)

British plant communities (1991)

Flora of the British Isles (1957)

A. R. Clapham

Flora of the British Isles (1987)

A. R. Clapham

New flora of the British Isles (1991)

Clive A. Stace

Excursion flora of the British Isles (1981)

A. R. Clapham

Flora of the British Isles (1962)

A. R. Clapham

The Domesday geography of South-West England (1967)

Bare ruined choirs: the dissolution of the English monasteries (1976)

David Knowles