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Wellington town guide (2015)

Legendary Dartmoor pubs and inns: explore in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes & The Hound of the Baskervilles (2016)

Simon Butler

A new history of Wellington: the origins of Wellington and medieval Wellington (2004)

Bruce Watkin

Exmoor Review 2012 (2011)

Somerset cricketers 1919-1939 (2017)

Stephen Hill

Hope Bourne's history of Exmoor (2018)

Hope L. Bourne

Exmoor Magazine: Spring 2012-Winter 2013 (2013)

Exmoor Magazine: Spring 2014-Winter 2015 (2015)

The Christian's cabinet of pearls

Exmoor Magazine: Spring 2000-Winter 2001 (2001)

Exmoor Review 2014 (2013)

Wellington town guide 2018-2019 (2019)

Writing the history of Somerset: family, community and religion - essays in honour of Robert Dunning. (2018)

Adrian J. Webb, Andrew Butcher

A history of Watchet (2017)

A. L. Wedlake

Exmoor review 2009: 50th anniversary edition (2008)

Exmoor Magazine: Spring 2004-Winter 2005 (2005)

Exmoor Review 2013 (2012)

Records of the Hawkings family of Wellington, Somerset, England and descendants (2019)

David T. Hawkings

Exmoor Review 2011 (2010)

Exmoor Magazine: Spring 2002-Winter 2003 (2003)

East Devon smugglers' pubs (2019)

Terry Townsend

Exmoor Magazine: Spring 2016-Winter 2017 (2017)

Exmoor Magazine: Spring 2010-Winter 2011 (2011)

Exmoor Magazine: Winter 1997-Winter 1999 (1999)

Exmoor Magazine: Spring 2018-Autumn 2019 (2019)

Exmoor Magazine: Spring 2008-Winter 2009 (2009)

The Devon Orchards Book (2018)

Michael Gee

Railways around Dartmoor (2019)

Bernard Mills

Exmoor Magazine: Spring 2006-Winter 2007 (2007)

Exmoor Review 2015 (2014)

The Lorna Doone trail (2018)

John Burgess

The adventures of Annie: a lighthearted look at the Church family (1993)

Peter Horsford

Railways round Exmoor (2017)

Robin Madge

Hymn book for the Tonedale Sunday School [Wellington] (1883)

Softly cries the curlew: A family saga 1815-1875 (2008)

Paddy King-Fretts

King Arthur (2010)

Robert W. Dunning

Wellington town guide (2017)

Exmoor review 2010 (2009)

A new history of Wellington: Part 1: the origins of Wellington and medieval Wellington (1999)

Bruce Watkin

Family affairs: illustrated histories of haulage contractors from Somerset and Dorset (2004)

Michael Marshall (Road haulage historian)

Land girl suffragette: the extraordinary story of Olive Hockin, author, artist, arsonist (2016)

Simon Butler

Wellington town guide ([2000?])

A new history of Wellington (2000)

Bruce Watkin

Grace notes: a life in art (2009)

Grace Gardner