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Staghunting on Exmoor, 1940-1998 (2008)

Robin Dunn (Sir)

Somerset's jurassic coastline (2011)

Frank Lane

The Somerset bird list: records and status accounts updated for the post-1974 county, from the earliest times to 2019. (2020)

David K. Ballance

A History of the ancient church of Porlock and of the Patron Saint, St. Dubricius, and his times (1893)

Walter Farquhar Hook

Minehead: a new history (1977)

Hilary Binding

Dunkery: general description (1939)

Alfred Vowles

Exmoor locations: an index of Exmoor places (1982)

One man's war (1993)

Mick Collins

Points of departure (1991)

Rosemary Burnett

A walk through the history of Luccombe (1991)

Eric Rowlands

Memories of childhood 1914-1944 (1989)

A Pocketful of poesies (1989)

Exmoor place-names (1987)

N. V.  Allen

Ring o' rabbits

Anne Richardson

Gliddons: the first 150 years (c.1980)

Atlas to the flowers of Exmoor (1984)

Caroline J. Giddens

Birds in Exmoor National Park (1984)

N. V.  Allen

The Minehead Harriers, their origin and fortunes (1984)

James Best

Methodists in West Somerset: their place and influence in the life of the community; the story of the West Somerset Circuit 1790-1980 (1982)

A. G. Pointon

Echoes from Exmoor. 1st series (1985)

N. V.  Allen

The old Minehead Christmas mummer play (1908)

The Doone Valley and the waterslide: giving the history of the ancient village of Badgworthy, the Doone houses, traces of which lie in the valley (c.1930)

Alfred Vowles

In red deer land (1928)

Anne Richardson

Holiday memories (1976)

Cicely Elaine Cooper

The handbook to Minehead and neighbourhood ... ([1898])

The official guide to Minehead and district (1938)

C. T. F. Gibbs

A Guide to Minehead and its environs (1857)

The Handbook to Minehead and neighbourhood. Rev.ed (c.1900)

Exmoor tales: fact and legend (1974)

Myles Martyn

Minehead & West Somerset official guide for 1983 ([1982])

Woodcock Gardens nature reserve

Scott, Malcolm

The famous missal of Richard Fitzjames, vicar of the Parish Church of Saint Michael, Minehead, A.D. 1485-1497 (1963)

Cecil Henry Bullivant

The birds of Exmoor and the Quantocks ([2016])

David K. Ballance

Birds in counties (2015)

David K. Ballance

The Church of All Saints Wootton Courtenay: an outline of its history (1930)

F. C. Eeles

Exmoor visitor 1985 (1985)

Memorials of the Cistercian Abbey of St. Mary, Old Cleeve , and the Benedictine Propry Church of St. George, Dunster (n.d.)

Mackenzie Edward Charles Walcott

Rules for the government of the Minehead Benevolent Society (1865)

Curragh to Ketch: The story of Minehead's quay town (2012)

John Gilman

The official guide to Minehead and district ([193-?])

Clement Kille

The official guide to Minehead ([192-?])

Clement Kille

Byelaws made by the Local Board for the District of Minehead (1892)

The Minehead hobby-horse and other cognate customs (2002)

Herbert W. Kille

Views of Minehead and neighbourhood ([18--])

3MX: a photographic record of Exmoor at start of Third Millennium (2007)

The untrodden combes: being an exploration of the birds of Weir Water and Chalk Water in the parishes of Porlock and Oare in the county of Somerset at the start of the twenty-first century (2007)

David K. Ballance

Stiggy in the middle ([200-])

Eleanor Helme: columnist, golfer, author, reporter, naturalist and lover of Exmoor (2002)

Eric Rowlands

Mara (2005)

D. M. T. Morcom

Townsend House: a brief history (2005)

Sue Lloyd