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Bridgwater past and present: official guide to the Admiral Blake Museum (1981)

The third annual report of the committee of the Tavistock Auxiliary Peace Society, for the year 1820 (1820)

Industrial Archaeology

Tavistock's yesterdays: episodes from her history. 22 (2013)

Gerry Woodcock

Historical short story anthology 2000: stories from adults and children set in Tavistock / on Dartmoor / or in any of the surrounding vilklages. Anytime before 1970 (2000)

field book to the plan of Tavistock, 1751 and 1752; a transcription of the original with full index (2010)

A. E. Mettler

Silver anniversary of the Dartmoor commons act (2010)

Ian Mercer

Keble Martin's Chapel (2009)

Luke Darlington

Tavistock's yesterdays, episodes from her history. 18 (2009, )

Gerry Woodcock

Steps over the dart (2009)

Chris Logan

Great community spirit: osalie Glendinning visits The Royal Oak in Meavy (2009)

Rosalie Glendinning

The Royal Air Force at Hawks Tor (2009)

Mike Passmore

A link to our past: veteran trees (2009)

Julia Wherrell

The 18th and 19th - century Turnpike Trusts and their milestones (2009)

Tim Jenkinson

Dartmoor's Heritage Ponies (2009)

Janet Palmer (Devon author)

Augustin: an exile on dartmoor (2009)

David Pitcher

The legend of Childe the hunter (2009)

Mary Tavy

People and places: Princetown (2009)

Hesketh, Robert

Cycling the Granite Way (2009)

Hesketh, Robert

Endsleigh (2009)

Rosemary Anne Lauder

Chagford Pool: Tina Thomas looks back over 75 years (2009)

Tina Thomas

Bees in clover (2009)

Jean Rose

The 18th and 19th-century Turnpike Trusts of Dartmmor roads and their milestones: Part one (2009)

Tim Jenkinson

Keble Martin's Chapel (2009)

Luke Darlington

Dartmoor prison: Bicentenary: part two (2009)

Simon Dell

Chris talks to Malcolm Hayes: Chagford thatcher (2009)

Chapman, Chris

Signs from the past: The Older style cast-iron and wooden finger posts of Dartmoor roads (2009)

Tim Jenkinson

Beating the bounds of South Tawton (2009)

Roger Paul

A Tribute to Loius Rich 1914-2008: Part two - a working life (2009)

Simon Dell

Early education at Dartmoor prison: Lesley Miles looks at Cyril Hartley's pioneering work (2008)

Lesley Miles

A Tribute to Loius Rich 1914-2008: Part one - the early years (2008)

Simon Dell

Malcolm Saville's Dartmoor (2008)

Barry Carter

Life on a Dartmoor scrapyard (2008)

Peggy Harris

Life on a Dartmoor scrapyard (2009)

Peggy Harris

The Start of history: Two inscribed stones from Western Dartmoor (2008)

Greeves, Tom

Soldiering On (2009)

Philip Knowling

Meat on the Moor: Dartmoor Farmers' Association (2009)

Lori M. Reich

Dartmoor's Heritage: Ponies: Janet Palmer tells the story of the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust - Part One (2009)

Janet Palmer (Devon author)

Excavations at Bellever and Yellowmead (2009)

Andy Crabb

Chris talks to Miss Sylvia Needham: 18 April 1914 - 14 April 2006 (2009)

Chapman, Chris

The Templer Way (2009)

Peter White

Dartmoor's dialect and tradition: Part 9 (2008)

John Smith (Dialectitian)

Dartmoor prison: Bicentenary - 24 May 2009: part one (2009)

Simon Dell

Dobson's moormen: all picked men (2008)

Roger Smaldon

Life on a Dartmoor scrapyard (2008)

Peggy Harris

Dartmoor bridge markers: part 2. 'C' stones (2008)

Tim Jenkinson

Tavistock's methodist chapels: a short history of methodist chapels in a Devon town (2007)

Brian W. Giles

Kelly College appeal (1982)

Lest we forget: the Tavistock fallen of the second world war (2007)

Mettler, Alex

A critical time for hill farmers (2007)