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The mines of Tamarside - 2 Old Gunnislake mine (1982)

G. A. Rowe

Tamar ferries Part IV: Strawberries, flowers and telegraph lines (2008)

Jean Sharman

The industrial training ship Mount Edgcumbe (2008)

Bruce Hunt

The Royal Albert Bridge: Renewing the land spans (2008)

Bruce Hunt

The Bere Ferrers Project and discovery of a Roman fort at Calstock (2008)

Peter F. Claughton

The Bere Alston silver/lead mines (1978)

Graham Hicks

Tamar dovecotes (1978)

Mary Smyth

Trees and the Tamar valley (1978)

D. G. Hull

The Ship Inn, Morwellham (1978)

Cynthia Gaskell-Brown

The re-opening of George and Charlotte Mine (1980)

R. Le Marchant

Threshing day in the Tamar valley (1980)

Bill Cole

Mining at Devon Great Consols after 1903 (1980)

Peter Richardson

A medieval quarry puzzle (1980)

Frank Booker

The Tamar manure navigation - a brief study (1980)

Patrick Amber

Tides in the Tamar (1980)

Ken George

Early methodism in Calstock (1981)

R. J. Paige

Evidence of pumping at George and Charlotte Mine (1981)

R. Le Marchant

Drakewalls Mine (1981)

Geoff Rowe

Tamar quarries (1981)

Harvey, John

Francis Drake on the Tamar (1981)

Joan Doyle

Coasting vessels at Morwellham in the 18th century (1981)

Amber Patrick

Competitive rowing on the Tamar (1982)

W. Coleman

Morwellham. 7th April 1861 (1982)

A. E. Mettler

Leats and watercourses in the Morwellham area (1982)

A. E. Le-Marchant

The Cornish rotative beam engine (1982)

J. Wellington

River steamers of Saltash (1982)

Douglas C. Vosper

Copper production in the Tamar valley in the 18th century (1983)

Amber Patrick

Morwellham power station (1983)

R. Pymm

Trading in ores 1600-1900 (1983)

R. Chadwick

More about Drakewalls (1983)

Frank Booker

The Budge iron foundry, Lumburne (1983)

Esther E. Budge

The mines of Tamarside 3. South Hooe Mine (1983)

G. A. Rowe

Notes on some older houses in the Tamar valley (1984)

E. R. Harris

The mines of Tamarside - 4. Devon Great Consuls (1984)

G. A. Rowe

Piped water supplies at Morwellham - 1856 to the present day (1984)

R. Pymm

Launceston: a Tamar town (1984)

Arthur Bate Venning

The Garlandstone (1984)

R. J. Paige

Anderton tin mine (1984)

E. C. Long

Death and burial in Calstock parish in the 19th century (1984)

G. Ruming

Forty years in Morwellham village 1841-1881 (1985)

A. E. Mettler

Religion in the mining communities on the Tamar valley (1985)

G. Ruming

The dukes men, the Wheal Maria people and others. The story of the Devon Great Consuls 'ghost' railways (1985)

M. Dickinson

New Great Consuls (1985)

G. Rowe

Avocets on the Tamar (1985)

J. Waldon

Tentative comments on hedge banks around Halton Quay (1985)

Susan Pittman

Water power in west country mining (1985)

J. Wellington

Memories of fruit growing in the Tamar valley (1986)

R. Pymm

The Bude canal and its relation to the Tamar (1986)

Joan Rendell

Wheal Zion (1986)

J. Brooke

The hot pasty strike (1986)

G. Woodcock