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Elizabethan Lyme Regis: with a biography of Sir George Somers the founder of Bermuda (2017)

Peter Lacey

Bristol Channel pilot cutters: a thesis (2015)

David H. Phillips (Maritime historian)

Granite to London: Penryn's 19th century shipping companies (2011)

David Wilson

More River Exe pilots in the 19th Century (2011)

Martin Benn

Jolly Jack tar? (2011)

Martin Hazell

The Spratts of Teignmouth: a Trafalgar hero, a hydrographer and a sandbank (2011)

Penn, Chris

Once upon a tide: Looking back at shipping at Saul Junction fifty years ago (2011)

David V. H. Wheeler

The cruise of the privateer Trimmer and the capture of the merchantman La Lune alias The Moon (2011)

John C. Symons

Tanning 'Jantje's' sail (2011)

Herman Ostermann

A brief history of the river Vechte and the linksemsische kanale: the ships that worked this area and the trade on this waterway (2011)

Hans-Christian Rieck

Mazeppa: the story of a schooner (2011)

Tony Voss

The brig Okenbury (2011)

William Scarratt

Admiral Hewson's last battle (2011)

Patrick, Mike

Collection records for the merchant seaman's fund: a source for the study of Exeter shipping in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries (2011)

Peter Skidmore

The history of organised small boat racing (2011)

Charlie Tolcher

Tudor and later navigation (2011)

Mike E. Wilson

Yachting at Dartmouth: an outline history (2011)

Cyril King

Once upon a tide: a look back at shipping at Avonmouth 50 years ago (2008)

Robert Shopland

Kathleen & May: a life (2008)

Colin Green

Charting the world: The RN hydrographic service in the 19th Century (2008)

Roger Morris (Rear-Admiral)

Two Devon families in Jamaica: a local association with slavery (2008)

Gillian Allen

A bandsman and barbed wire: experiences and recollections May 1941-May 1945 (2008)

K. R. MacDonald (Military bandsman)

Passage to Colombo (2008)

Peter Marden

Coals to Callao: the rise and fall of the Pacific coal trade 1876-1896 (2008)

Michael Clark

The impress service in Dorset 1793-1805 (2008)

David Clammer

Into hostile waters: factors determining the trade expansion by the Exeter merchant families of Kennaway, Lee and Milford 1760-1776 (2008)

Ann Stuart Evans

William Jenkins: seaman, master mariner, captain and harbourmaster. Port Talbot 1807-1867 (2008)

Colin Regan

HMS Raleigh 1921-22 (2008)

Patrick Hutton

Bessie Ellen: a nostalgic voyage (2008)

Peter Lacey

Who were the Trinity House pilots operating on the River Exe in the 19th Century (2010)

Philip Gloyn

West Country steamship owners: some suggestions for further research; or 'how to overcome funnelphobia' (2010)

David Jenkins

Barbary pirates and the Westcountry (2010)

Sadru Bhanji

A brief history of the British yachting narratives 1604-2005: additions and corrections (2010)

Michael Bender (Doctor)

Sailcloth (Coker cloth) (2010)

Robert G. Allwood

Forest ports of the Severn (2010)

Colin Green

The development of Torquay harbour to the thirties (2010)

David Eeles

Henry Dinham Chard: shipbuilder, Lyme Regis 1759-1847 (2010)

Steve Hucklesby

The Salcombe Cannon Site (2009)

Ron Howells

Royal research ship 'Research' (2009)

Cyril King

Thomas Masterman Hardy: Possum's admiral (2009)

Peter Lacey

Harry Wooderson's Journal: the personal log of a Victorian coasting sailor (2009)

David Wilson

Seamen in Victorian Gloucester (2009)

Hugh Conway-Jones

Roger Hall traditional boatbuilder (2009)

Gordon Cookson

Building, launching and sailing 'Alert': replica of a smuggling lugger circa 1835 (2009)

Will Stirling

An account of a voyage to France (2009)

Anne Scarratt

The East Budleigh ship (2009)

David Jenkinson

Cornish Traders Ltd of Falmouth: Arthur W. Chard, Manager (2009)

Martin Benn

The tanning of nets and sails (2009)

Herman Ostermann

A brief history of the British yachting narratives: 1604-2005 (2009)

Michael Bender (Doctor)

The last of the line: Clovelly herring boats and Vernon Boyle (2009)

Mike Smylie