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You learn by living (1963)

Eleanor Roosevelt

Beatrix Farrand's American landscapes: her gardens and campuses (1985)

Diana Balmori

Twigs for an eagle's next: government and the arts 1965-1978 (1979)

Michael Straight

The letters of Archie Butt: personal aide to President Roosevelt (1924)

Lawrence F. Abbott

Reluctant first lady: an intimate story of Eleanor Roosevelt's early public life (1962)

Lorena A. Hickok

Statistics for archaeologists: a commonsense approach (1996)

Robert D. Drennan

Five million words later: an autobiography (1970)

Bruce Bliven

The New York sale auction XXVII: The Prospero collection of spectacular ancient Greek coins, Wednesday January 4 2012 (2011)

Ezra Cornell: a character study (1934)

Albert W. Smith

White slave children of Colonial Maryland and virginia: birth and shipping records (2015)

Richard Hayes Phillips (Writer on slave trade)

White slave children of Charles County, Maryland: the search for survivors (2015)

Richard Hayes Phillips (Writer on slave trade)

Plymouth and the settlement of New England (2018)

Budd Bailey

The New York sale auction XXVIII: Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins; world coins; Thursday Jnauary 5th 2012 (2011)

Medieval feudal French coinage (1966)

John F. Lhotka

Social discovery: an approach to the study of functional groups (1924)

Eduard C. Lindeman

Tomorrow is now (1963)

Eleanor Roosevelt

The strategy of victory 1914-1918: the lifend times of the master strategist of World War I, Field Marshall Sir William Robertson (1963)

Bonham-Carter, Victor

A guide to artifacts of colonial America (1972)

Ivor Noël Hume

Europe in arms (1937)

Basil Henry Liddell Hart (Sir)

Willard Straight (1924)

Herbert Croly

Norman castles in Britain (1968, 1973)

D. F. Renn

Strategy: the indirect approach (1954)

Basil Henry Liddell Hart (Sir)

The world of the Etruscans (1973)

Aldo Massa

On our way (1934)

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Scythian gold: Treasures from ancient Ukraine (1999)

Ellen D. Reeder

Water at the roots: poems and insights of a visionary farmer (2018)

Philip Britts

The Straight and its origin (1975)

Elmhirst, Leonard K.

Anglo-Saxon saints and scholars (1947)

Eleanor Shipley Duckett

The leaves of Southwell (1945, 1945)

Nikolaus Pevsner

Six centuries of fine prints ((c1937))

Carl Zigrosser

Boutell's manual of heraldry (1931, 1931)

Charles Boutell

Art and the Reformation (1928)

G. G. Coulton

Handbook to life in ancient Greece (1998)

Lesley Adkins

Alfred the Great: the truth teller - maker of England 848-899 (1919 [C.1915])

Beatrice Adelaide Lees

Discover your ancestors: a quest for your roots (1978)

Hugh Peskett

Trades and occupations: a pictorial archive from early sources (c1990)

Carol Belanger Grafton

Picturesque views of rural occupations in early nineteenth-century England: all 641 illustrations from Ackermann's edition of the "Microcosm" (c1977)

W. H. Pyne

A bibliography of ship passenger lists, 1538-1825: being a guide to published lists of early immigrants to North America (1938)

Harold Lancour

Cheap repository tracts (1977)

More, Hannah

Days of my years (1891)

Joseph Cross

Street family connections: a history and genealogy (1996)

Elizabeth Street Mason

The Dictionary of national biography (1961, 1961)

The quest at Glastonbury: a biographical study of Frederick Bligh Bond (1965)

William W. Kenawell

Return to Camelot (1995)

Donna Grove

The generally unknown soldier: a tale of World War II (1991)

Roland L. Schoepf

Fundamentals of ornithology (1959)

Josselyn Van Tyne

Wild flowers (1935)

Homer D. House

The trees of America, native and foreign, pictorially and botanically delineated, and scientifically and popularly described (1846)

D. J. Browne

An illustrated flora of the Northern United States, Canada and the British possessions (1898)

Nathaniel Lord Britton