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Geophysical investigations in the Wincanton District (1996)

J. D. Cornwell

Bristol and Gloucester district (1948)

F. B. A. Welch

The Severn Estuary and the Bristol Channel: an assessment of present knowledge (1972)

Moorland management: a study of Exmoor (1984)

G. R. Miller (Ecologist)

Annual report 1977 (1977)

Annual report 1976 (1976)

Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Great Britain No. 30 (1969)

Bulletin of the geological survey of Great Britain No. 42 (1972)

Records of wells in the area around Frome and Devizes (1975)

Marine wildlife conservation: an assessment of evidence of a threat to marine wildlife .. (1973)

Micropalaeontological biostratigraphy of offshore samples...SW South West Britain (1977)

Seal deaths in Cornwall, Autumn 1969 (1970)

W. Nigel Bonner

Bulletin of the geological survey of Great Britain No.52 (1975)

Gold occurences in the South Hams of Devon (1991)

Investigation of the geothermal potential of the UK: granite- water interactions in relation to Hot Dry Rock geothermal (1988)

Report of the Dartmoor ecological survey 1969 (1970)

The lithium potential of the St. Austell granite (1987)

Regional geochemical reconnaissance of part of Devon and North