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Birthplace of Sir Walter Raleigh, East Budleigh near Exmouth, Devon (1861)

Chun Cromlech, near Penzance ([1850?])

Lanyon Cromlech near Penzance called the Giant's Quoit ([1850?])

Birnbeck Island & fishery Weston super Mare (1851)

Weston super Mare (1853)

Weston super Mare from beach (1853)

Mount Edgcumbe House, Devon (1860)

Ivy Bridge Church, Devon: year book 1951-52 (1853)

Ilfracombe from Lantern Hill ([1845?])

Wadebridge from Trenant (1853)

Wadebridge, Cornwall from Dunveth (1853)

Kynance Cove, Cornwall ([1855?])

St. Mary's Church. Sth. Devon [Torquay] (1860)

Anonymous (Pseudonym)

Logan Rock ([1849?])

Views of Barnstaple ([1867?)

Souvenir of Dartmouth ([1880?])

Panorama of Torquay and neighbourhood ([1850])

Views and scenery of Ilfracombe (c1865)

Panorama of Exeter & neighbourhood ([1850?)

[ Views of Dawlish] ([1865?)

Views and scenery of Lynton and Lynemouth ([1865])

Views of Teignmouth ([1864?)

Views of Lynmouth ([1863?)

Reminiscences of Lynton ([1865?)

[ Views of Torquay] ([1876?)

Twenty four views of Ilfracombe ([1875?)

Views of Ilfracombe ([1868?)

Twenty four views of Torquay ([1871?)

Appledore, Devon ([1850])

Sharpham House, on the Dart, Devonshire (1864)

Axminster Church, Devon (1859)

Axminster, Devon (1859)

Barnstaple, North Devon (1849)

Barnstaple, Devon (from the railway station) (1859)

North Walk, Barnstaple (1865)

Barnstaple, Devon (1865)

Church of the Holy Trinity, Barnstaple: Infirmary, Union Terrace (1849)

Church of the Holy Trinity, Barnstaple: infirmary, Union terrace (1861)

Pilton Church, North Devon (1849)

St. Mary Magdalen, Barnstaple (1861)

Old church & High School, Barnstaple (1849)

Ilfracombe town and harbour, (from Hillsborough) ([1850?])

Salem Alms Houses, Barnstaple, Devon (1850)

The inns, Barnstaple, North Devon (1865)

Queen Ann's Walk, Barnstaple, North Devon (1865)

Albert Memorial tower, Barnstaple (1865)

Cave, Watermouth, Devon (1850)

Briar Cave, Watermouth, Devon (1850)

Bicton, Devon (1861)

Bicton, Devon (1850)