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The British representative; or, a general list of the knights, commissioners of shires, ... returned to all the parliaments .. (1739)

The British Archaeological Association at Exeter - Berry Pomeroy Castle (c.1861)

The British overseas: a guide to the records of their births, baptisms,... available in the United Kingdom (1994)

British Legion. Devon County Branch official handbook, 1966 (1966)

The British art and antiques yearbook 1981 ([1980])

British hunts and huntsmen: the South-West of England (1908)

British Association Bristol meetings Sept.3-10, 1930 (1930)

British battleship ashore: H.M.S.Montagu rockbound (1906)

British Rail in the fifties: no.8, Southern Region (1977)

British Rail in the fifties: no.6, Western Region (1977)

British humanities index: regional lists : Somerset 1954-1966 (1954-)

The British lake-village near Glastonbury: letters and papers (1904)

British county catalogue of postal history. Volume 5 (1990)

The British county catalogue of postal history. Volume 2 (1981)

British railway stations illustrated. Book 1: Cornwall, Devon and Somerset (1947)

British shipping and seamen 1630-1960: some studies (1984)

British humanities index: Devon regional list 1962-66 (1963-)