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The true state of England : containing the particular duty, business and salary of every officer, civil and military .. (1734)

True relation of the severall passages which have happened to our army since it advanced towards Gloucester ... [Wing T3047] (1643)

A true mapp and description of the towne of Plymouth, and the fortifications thereof, with the workes ... of the enemy .. ([1985])

A true and exact narrative of the horrid plot ... of the popish party against ... His Sacred Majesty, the government... ([1679])

A true and particular account of the character & dying behaviour of Thomas Campion, who was executed on ... August 6, 1975 .. (c.1795)

A true and certaine ... strange birth at Stonehouse (1871)

A true account of what was transacted in the assembly of the United ministers of Devon and Cornwall ... (1719)

A true relation of the fight at Bovy-Tracy, between the Parliaments forces under the command of Sir Tho: Fairfax ... (1645)

The true use and the false ... system in chanting the church's canticles & psalms to ancient and modern music ([1888])

A true and perfect relation of a great and happy victory obtained ... over Sir Ralph Hopton and his cavaliers, near Plymouth ... (1642)

A true and exact relation of the most dreadful earthquake which happened in ... Naples, and several other parts of that kingdom (1688)

A True narration of the most observable passages, in and at the late seige of Plymouth, from the fifteenth day of September 1643 (1644)

A true relation of two prodigious births: the like not hapning (1977)

A true relation of the fight at Bovey Tracey .. (1977)

A true and perfect narrative of the great and dreadful damages... (1977)

A true account of a most barbarous, dreadful, and shocking murder, committed by one Sylvanus Ursus, a Russian ... (1783)

True account of the terrible fire at Exeter. Burning of the Theatre Royal. Loss of 150 lives. Message from the Queen ([1887])

A true and exact relation of the Prince of Orange his publick entrance into Exeter ([1688])

A True relation of a brave defeat given by the Forces in Plymouth Reprint of 1645. In: Plymouth in the Civil War ([1985])

A true report of certain wonderful overflowings of waters in Somerset, Norfolk ... England, A.D.1607 (1884)

A True narration of the most observable passages ... seige of Plymouth. Reprint of 1644. In: Plymouth in the Civil War ([1985])

The true history of Joshua Davidson (1872)

A true copy of the articles agreed on at the surrender of Exeter; examined, perused, and signed by ... Sir Thomas Fairfax (1646)

The true copie of a letter, sent from Sir Ralph Hopton ... To Mr. Mr Christopher Clarke, Major of the city of Excester, .. (1642)

A true relation of the late fight betweene Sr William Wallers forces, and those sent from Oxford. ... retreat to Bristoll, .. (1643)

A true and impartial relation of the informations against three witches, viz Temperance Lloyd, Mary Trembles and Susanna Edwards (1682)

The true lamentable discourse of the burning of Tiverton

A true relation of those sad and lamentable accidents, which happened in and about the parish church of Withycombe ... 1638 (1638)

True and joyfull newes from Exceter. Shewing how Sir Ralph Hopton, Sir Bevil Greenvil ... were manfully repulst .. ([1642])

A true mapp and description of the towne of Plymouth, and the fortifications thereof. In: Plymouth and the Civil War ([1985])