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William III (1919)

[William John Playters Wilkinson, Mayor of Exeter 1837-1838] (c.1837)

[William Townsend, Sheriff of Exeter 1918-1919] (c.1918)

[William Wallace Beer, Sheriff of Exeter 1934-1935] (c.1934)

[William Brown, Mayor of Exeter 1884-1885] (c.1884)

[William Peters, Mayor of Exeter 1888-1889] (c.1888)

[William Henry Reed, Mayor of Exeter 1906-1907] (c.1906)

William Fines Viscount Sey and Seale, Lord Sey and Seale (c.1750)

William Viscount Say and Seale, Mr. of ye Court of Wards (c.1713)

William Congreve Esqr. (c.1720)

William Earl Cadogan (c.1730)

Willm.Cecil, Lord Burleigh (1750)

William Duke of Gloucester (c.1700)

William V. Prince of Orange (c.1780)

[William Thomson] (c.1880)

William Fairbairn LL.D. FR.S ([1850?])

[William Hepworth Dixon] (c.1875)

[William Crossing] (c.1920)

[William Withey Gull] (c.1880)

[William Benjamin Carpenter] (c.1855)

[William Jackson Hooker] (c.1855)

William Jackson of Exeter, composer of music (1785)

Wm. Gifford born 1756; ___ died 1826 (1827)

William Hurst AD 1568 aet. 96 (c.1880)

William Frederick Rock 1802-1890 (2002)

William Pollard and Co. Ltd: two hundredth anniversary, 1781 - 1981 : commemorative calendar ([1980])

[William George] (c.1860)

William Bligh extraordinary seaman: a look at his life and times, an exhibition held by the Earl & Countess of Devon, 1982 (1982)

William Pengelly: the significance of his work at Windmill Hill Caves, Brixham and Kent's Cavern, Torquay ([1994])

William Whewell (1794-1866), Dionysius Lardner (1793-1859) and Charles Babbage (1792-1871) (1991)