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Barnstaple fair in 1945 (1946)

Harte, W. J.

The late Mr. T.W. Pook (1951)

Mayors of Devon boroughs for the year 1950-51 (1951)

Coleridge at Ottery (1951)

E. B. W. Chappelow

The little white town in Devon (1947)

Goman, Annie M.

Devonian minister at Metropolitan Tabernacle : youngest since Charles Spurgeon (1946)

The Christowell or Dancing Tree of Moretonhampstead (1946)

A. R. P. S. Hoffmeister

Folk-lore of the saints (1933)

G. E. L. Carter

Billy of Allington, V.C (1916)

The Christowell or Dancing Tree of Moretonhampstead (1938)

A. R. P. S. Hoffmeister

Companions of Honour (1946)

Some Dartmoor walks (1946)

L. S. Amery

The thought of a Devonian exile To the land of blue sky .. (1928)

The New Hon. Treasurer (1925)

New ..

Some of our officers: the late Hon. Treasurer (1925)

Some ..

The Sports section (1925)

Pook, Thomas William

The Year's work (1925)

Osborne, Henry C.

The London Devonian Association (1925)

Our chairman (1924)

The year's work (1924)

December : (specially contributed) (1920)

Phillpots, Eden

Devonshire cider (1920)

Dalmon, C. W.

The London Devonian 'Victory' dinner (1920)

County folk visitation of wounded sailors & soldiers in London (1920)

Perry, Francis A.

The Year's work : report of the committee (1920)

Two London Devonian benefactors (1918)

The fairs and markets of Tiverton : their association with religious festivals (1946)

Musgrove, Edward J.

Obituary : Mr. Charles R.S. Carew of Tiverton (1940)

Drake's Brass (1940)

Hemming, H. Phipps

Obituary : Miss Clara Andrew of Exeter (1940)

Rich Devon (1940)

Carton, Ronald

Obituary : Mr. Harry Geen of Torquay (1940)

The dree old dummin we ther iggs (1940)

Obituary : Mr. William Hern of Chuley, Ashburton (1940)

Three sisters (1940)

Finn, Evelyn M.

Obituary : Mr. James Were of Washfield, Tiverton (1940)

Obituary : Mr. E.S. Lidstone of Kingsbridge (1940)

List of members and associates (1939)

The lieutenancy, shrievalty and M.P.s of Devonshire (1939)

Dartmoor, My Dartmoor (1937)

Fielden, Marjory

Widdicombe Fair in Morocco (1937)

Thornton, Philip

Incumbent who was 'a wored out' (1937)

Leprosy and the church of St. Mary Magdalene at Taddiport, Little Torrington (1937)

George M. Doe

Penhaltcaer : an ideal tourist centre (1937)

Parsons, George

The old carrier's song (1937)

Goring, Jack

Some recent Devonshire literature (1937)

Some ..

Mayors of Devon boroughs for coronation year 1936-1937 (1937)

Rules of the London Devonian Association (1937)

List of members and associates (1937)

President of the English Bowling Association (1929)