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First and Last House in England, Land's End, Cornwall. 1351 (c.1900)

First visit of the Exmouth pilot boat to Exeter Custom House, June 20th, 1955 (1955)

[1st Devon Yeomanry on parade in the Strand, Exmouth] (c.1855)

1st Devon Yeomanry on parade in the Strand, Exmouth (c.1880)

[First and Last Inn, Fore Street, Exmouth, 1926] (1926)

[First and Last Inn, Fore Street, Exmouth] (c.1900)

1st Devon Yeomanry on parade in the Strand, Exmouth, before 1869 when the market enclosure was demolished (c.1855)

first footsteps in the way of knowledge (n.d.)

The first book (1845?)

The first volunteer corps (1917)

First train passenger to Torrington (1945)

First lady president of Devonian society (1943)

First Devonian bowls champion (1925)

The first chairman of the Indian Railway Board (1919)

First lady member of British parliament : Lady Astor's notable 25 years for a Plymouth division (1945)

The first Devon newspaper (1929)

The first secretary of the board of education (1922)

First president of Devonians in London (1921)

The first roll of worthies of Devon : by Nathanael Carpenter (1918)

The first local newspaper : Exeter Post Boy, containing an imperial collection of the most material news, both foreign and domest (1917)

The First Lord's speech (1913)

The first annual dinner (1912)

First bridge on the Tamar, called Tamar bridge, one mile from its source (c.1827)

First Calais roll: Elizabethan copy of the list of noblemen and knights who went to the seige of Calais in 1346 (1932)

The first chapter of the real chronicle of Twyford ([1837?)

First definitive issue 1929-30 ([1980?)

The first Exeter power boat race, September 27-28, 1980: official souvenir programme ([1980])

The first sixty years of Wilder Road Methodist Church, Ilfracombe, 1898-1958 (1958)

A First Cornish anthology (1969)

The first colonists: documents on the planting of the first English settlements in North America 1584-90 (1982)

The first supplement to original parish registers in record offices and libraries (1976)

The first 100 years: Mutley Baptist Church, Plymouth 1869-1969 (1969)

The first aerial panoramic colour map of Dartmoor ([1991?)

First run: new plays (1989)

First and always: poems for Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital (1988)

The first two hundred years, 1787-1987: a souvenir booklet published upon the closing of Torpoint Methodist Chapel (1987)