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At Dartmouth (c.1930)

At Dartmeet (c.1930)

At Dartmeet (c.1930)

At Postbridge (c.1930)

At Postbridge (c.1930)

At Postbridge (c.1930)

At your service: the journal of the Devon County branch of N.A.L.G.O. (1973-)

At Shaldon, Devon (1982)

At your service: the organ of the Devon County Council Staff Association (1924-)

At the sign of: the news letter of the Inn Sign Society (1989-)

At Ivy Bridge (c.1850)

At a very numerous meeting of merchants, bankers and traders.. ([1792])

At the table of the grail: magic and the use of imagination (1984)

At a numerous and respectable meeting of gentlemen, clergy, .. ([1792])

At Badminton with B.M.B (1982)

At Satan's throne: the story of Methodism in Bath over 250 years (1990)

At Tiverton. (c.1820)