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[Strand, Dawlish from Brunswick Place] (c.1890)

[Strand, Dawlish from Brunswick Place] (c.1890)

[Strand, Torquay] (c.1900)

The Strand Enclosure, Exmouth (c.1930)

[The Strand and Manchester St., Exmouth looking s.w.] (c.1900)

Strand Gardens: the Strand enclosure shortly after being laid out as gardens in 1870 (c.1870)

[Strand Gardens, Exmouth] (c.1890)

[The Strand and enclosure, Exmouth, c.1880 (c.1880)

The corner of the Strand, Exmouth subsequently occupied by Eland's: the beginning of Imperial Road is on the right (c.1897)

The Strand, Exmouth: shops rebuilt after destuction by bombing (c.1955)

Strand Court, Exmouth (c.1897)

Strand Court, Victoria Road, Exmouth (c.1930)

The Strand, Exmouth, 1866: the house with three sash windows and hipped gable in the background is the post office (1866)

The Strand, Exmouth, 1960: row of shops and garage (1960)

The Strand Gardens from the bottom of Rolle Street, Exmouth, 1938 (1938)

Strand Gardens, Exmouth, 1928 (1928)

The Strand, Topsham (c.1950)

[Strand, Exmouth. 8.12.74] (1974)

[Strand, Exmouth. 8.12.74] (1974)

[Strand, Exmouth. 8.12.74] (1974)

[Strand House, Bideford] (c.1910)

Strand and clock tower, Torquay (1906)

The Strand, Exmouth (c.1900)

[Strand, Topsham] (c.1974)