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William's War: the naval career of a Trafalgar veteran and Dawlish resident (2004)

Penn, Chris

The story of Oaklands House (2011)

Iris Long

The mills of Dawlish (2009)

Patricia Whiteaway

The Old Vicarage (2005)

Betty Roberts

History of the Manor House, Dawlish (2011)

Stonelands: a Regency mansion (2010)

Betty M Roberts

Margaret's Sacrifice (2008)

The diary of Mary Hamilton Walsh, 1885-1894: a true Dawlish tale (2009)

Mary Hamilton Welsh

Inns and Taverns of Old Dawlish (2010)

H. G. Morgan

Newsletter (1996-)

Eastdon hamlet and the elusive Cockwood House (2007)

The early history of Dawlish Cricket Club (2007)

Stan Vigers

Dawlish Folk (2000)

More Dawlish Folk (2009)

Dawlish Schools (2009)

Sheila Wain

Hot off the press: the story of Dawlish and South Devon newspapers (2005)

A. R. Thompson

All at Sea: The seafaring careers behind the memorials in the church and churchyard of St Gregory The Great, Dawlish

Penn, Chris

Dawlish at War (2010)

The weather in Dawlish: past, present and future (2010)

A. R. Thompson

More aspects of Dawlish history (2003)

On guard: a short history of the militia, volunteers, yeomanry and home guard of Dawlish and district (2002)

A. R. Thompson

Aspects of Dawlish history (1999)

How Dawlish lost its independence: local administration in Dawlish in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (1998)

A. R. Thompson