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The carboniferous limestone of the Bristol area: a review of the influence of the lithology and chemistry on its use as a geomaterial (1991)

S. Al-Jassar

Field geology of the British Jurassic (1995)

P. D. Taylor

Transactions. Second series (1824)

On the chronological value of the triassic strata of the south-western counties (1878)

W. A. E. Ussher

On the triassic rocks of Somerset and Devon (1876)

W. A. E. Ussher

On the triassic rocks of Normandy and their environments (1879)

W. A. E. Ussher

The chronological value of the pleistocene deposits of Devon (1878)

W. A. E. Ussher

The Devonian rocks of Great Britain (1889)

W. A. E. Ussher

On Australian mesozoic geology and palaeontology: and on a plant and insect-bed on the Rocky River, New South Wales (1870)

Charles Moore (Geologist)

On the palaeontology and physical conditions of the Meux-well (1878)

Charles Moore (Geologist)

On abnormal geological deposits in the Bristol district (1881)

Charles Moore (Geologist)

Stromatoporoids from the inferior oolite of south-west England (1938)

G. A. Kellaway

On deep borings at Culford and Winkfield: with notes on those at Ware and Cheshunt (1894)

William Whitaker

On ailurus anglicus, a new carnivore from the Red Crag (1888)

W. Boyd Dawkins

On a skull of ovibos moschatus from the sea-bottom (1885)

W. Boyd Dawkins

On the alleged existence of ovibus moschatus in the forest-bed, and its range in space and time (1883)

W. Boyd Dawkins

The classification of the tertiary period by means of the mammalia (1880)

W. Boyd Dawkins

On the range of mammoth in space and time (1879)

W. Boyd Dawkins

On the deer of the European miocene and pliocene strata (1878)

W. Boyd Dawkins

On the ossiferous deposit at Windy Knoll, Castleton, Derbyshire (1877)

W. Boyd Dawkins

The mammalia found at Windy Knoll (1875)

W. Boyd Dawkins

On the fossil British oxen (1866)

W. Boyd Dawkins

A geological museum of the early seventeenth century (1947)

C. E. N. Bromehead

Upper greensand and chloritic marl of Mere and Maiden Bradley in Wiltshire (1901)

A. J. Jukes-Browne

A classified index to the transactions, proceedings and quarterly journal of the Geological Society of London (1870)

G. Wareing Ormerod

Human remains in Gough's Cavern, Cheddar (1904)

H. N. Davies

On the cervidae of the forest-bed of Norfolk and Suffolk (1872)

W. Boyd Dawkins

On the discovery of palaeolithic implements in ... the Thames Valley at Acton (1872)

Augustus Henry Lane-Fox Pitt-Rivers

On the distribution of the British postglacial mammals (1869)

W. Boyd Dawkins

On the dentition of rhinoceros etruscus, falc. (1868)

W. Boyd Dawkins

On the British fossil oxen (1867)

W. Boyd Dawkins

Some remarks on the denudation of the oolites of the Bath district ... (1877)

William Stephen Mitchell

On the rodentia of the Somerset caves (1870)

William Ayshford Sanford

Devonian events and correlations (2007)

On the Murchisonite beds of the estuary of the Exe (1875)

G. Wareing Ormerod

On some of the results arising from the bedding joists and speroidal structure of the granite on the eastern side of Dartmoor, Devonshire (1869)

G. Wareing Ormerod

Notice of the occurrence of an earthquake along the northern edge of the granite of the Dartmoor district on the 28th September, 1858 (1859)

G. Wareing Ormerod

On the older rocks of South Devon and Cornwall (1868)

Harvey B. Holl

The petrography of the cretaceous and tertiary outliers of the West of England (1923)

P. G. H. Boswell

The Permian lavas of Devon (1932)

William George Tidmarsh

The liassic rocks of the Radstock district (Somerset) (1925)

John William Tutcher

On the upper carboniferous rocks of West Devon and North Cornwall (1906)

Edward Alexander Newell Arber

The geology of the Tintagel and Davidstow district (Northern Cornwall) (1903)

John Parkinson (Geologist)

Sketch of the geology of the south western part of Somersetshire (1816)

Leonard Horner

On the physical structure of Devonshire and on the subdivisions and geological relations of its older stratified deposits (1837)

Adam Sedgwick

On the basalts and andesites of Devonshire known as felspathic traps (1892)

Bernard Hobson

On the existemce of a submarine Triassic outlier in the English (1886)

Richard Nicholls Worth

Alluvial deposits associated with the Plymouth limestone (1876)

Richard Nicholls Worth

The origin of pillow-lava near Port Isaac in Cornwall (1908)

Clement Reid

The eocene deposits of Devon (1898)

Clement Reid