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The notebook of a Devon Great Consols mine captain, 1886-1900 (2018)

The Tavistock Canal: its history and archaeology (2017)

Robert Waterhouse

Kelly Mine Preservation Society: a short guide to the founding and aims of the KMPS (2008)

John Turner (Historian)

Devon Great Consols: a mine of mines (2013)

Rick J. Stewart

Ding Dong mine: a history ([2014])

Joseph, Peter

History and progress of mining in the Liskeard and Caradon district (2011)

William Webb

Tin and diamonds, a fortune in the making: something of the life of Francis Oats, mining engineer 1848-1918 and some thoughts about him (2009)

Claire Leith

A letter from Matthew Loam (1794 - 1875) to his nephew Matthew Loam (1819 - 1902) (2010)

Matthew Loam

Wheal Conquer (2010)

The Cornish copper agent's story (2010)

Watts-Russell, Penny

Mining Metallurgy and the Michells (2010)

Noel Michell

Gurnard's Head mine (2010)

Joseph, Peter

Richard Trevithick: the quiz book (2008)

Peter Richardson

The Trevithick Society's collections ten years on (2009)

Joseph, Peter

Tolvaddon tin streams in 1971: the art of Cornish tin streaming (2009)

Simon Goldburn

Wheal Trenwith (2009)

William Oatley, Wadebridge ironfounder (2009)

Martin Bodman

Some notes on soapy rock (2008)

Perry, Ronald

The journal of the Trevithick Society. No. 36: 2009 (2009)

Some notes on soapy rock (2008)

Perry, Ronald

A recent history of Wheal Prosper, Lanivet (2008)

Lewis, Jim

A new look at the Wherry Mine, Penzance (2008)

Joseph, Peter

Rosewall Hill and Ranson United Mines (2008)

A new look at the Wherry Mine, Penzance (2008)

Joseph, Peter

Richard Thomas of Falmouth (1779-1858) (2008)

Roger Langley

Richard Trevithick: some unpublished contemporary documents (1975)

Wheal Buller (1976)

Brooke, Justin

A glimpse of the Cornish mineral industry in 1873 (1976)

Law, R. J.

Brea adit works, Camborne (1976)

Stoyel, Alan

The Hornblower family (1976)

The Cornish Metal Company, 1785-1792 (1977)

Pennington, Robert R.

Early Cornish mineral railways (1977)

Michael John Messenger

The Hornblower family; pioneer engineers (1977)

Harris, T. R.

Some lesser known Cornish engineers (1977)

Harris, T. R.

Richard Trevithick in Costa Rica (1977)

Davies, D. W.

The Holman T100 gas turbine compressor (1978)

Hodge, J.

Humphry Davy and the Cornish contribution to the industrial revolution (1978)

Rowe, J.

Ore dressing in Cornwall 1600-1900 (1978)

Michell, F. B.

The importance of modern industry to the study of industrial archaeology (1978)

Whetter, W. M.

The Cornish copper company 1754-1869 (1978)

Harris, T. R.

The South Wheal Francis and West Wheal Bassett boundary litigation (1980)

Pennington, N. N.

Cornish newspapers 18th and 19th century (1980)

Nigel Tangye

The Cornish copper company - 1693-1697 (1980)

Morton, J.

Angarack smelting house - its history (1980)

J. Higgans

The introduction of the plunger or force pump (1980)

Michell, F. B.

The Cornish gauge and J and F Pools (1981)

Hodge, J.

Cornish engineering letters relating to Richard Trevithick and others (1981)

Hodge, J.

Diesel engine development in Penzance: Arthur Freeman Sanders (1981)

Hodge, J.

Man engines in Cornwall (1981)

Tew, D. H.

The mineral statistics of the United Kingdom: an analysis of the accuracy of the copper and tin returns for Cornwall and Devon (1981)

Burt, Roger