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The escape of the fugitives: a story of Sedgemoor (1895)

E. A Campbell

The chariots of the Lord (1905)

Hocking, Joseph

Captain Peg

Dorothy Hann

What the brownies did (1930)

Dorothy Hann

Margaret Somerset: an historical tale (1894)

Louisa C. Silke

Rest from sorrow: or the ministry of suffering ([1882])

William Guest

The microscope: a practical handbook (1922)

Aubrey H. Drew

The chain of life in geological time: a sketch of the origin and succession of animals and plants (1888)

J. William Dawson

Ingleside and wayside musings (1877)

J. R. Vernon

Heart's-ease ([1889])

Charles Frederick Higginson

A brief memoir of Joseph Alleine, minister of the gospel in St. Mary Magdalene Church, Taunton about 200 years ago

Memoirs of a Huguenot family ([1875?])

James Fontaine

Life's anchor: a tale of the days of Dr Johnson and Hannah More ([1900?])

Harriet E. Colvile

The master's service: a practical guide for girls ([1883])

Mary Jane Brabazon (Countess of Meath)

India: its natives and missions ([1859?])

George Trevor

The life of Hannah More: a lady of two centuries ([1885])

Anna Jane Buckland

Rome: from the fall of the Western Empire ([1868])

George Trevor

The last load home (1895)

J. R. Vernon

The harvest of a quiet eye: leisure thoughts for busy lives (1867)

J. R. Vernon

"Random truths in common things": occasional papers from my study chair ([1869?])

J. R. Vernon

"Christ is all": the gospel of the Pentateuch: Exodus ([18--])

Henry Law (Bishop)

Writings of Dr John Hooper, Bishop of Gloucester and Worcester, martyr, 1555 ([1842?])

John Hooper

The life of Alfred the Great ([1849?])

Chenna and his friends, Hindu and Christian ([1899])

Edwin Lewis

Thoughts chiefly designed as preparative or persuasive to private devotion ([1881])

John Sheppard

A history of the gunpowder plot (1905)

Philip Sidney (Sir)

Life of the Rev. Joseph Alleine, of Taunton ([1832])

The search for good ([18--])

J. R. Vernon

Madagascar and its people: notes of a four years' residence, with a sketch of the history, position, and prospects of mission work amongst the Malagasy ([1870?])

James Sibree

The twin-houses and other tales of real life ([1890])

Anne Beale

Memoir of the Rev.Samuel Kilpin, late of Exeter ([1831?])

Samuel Kilpin

Mrs Opie (1855)

The flowers of the forest (1836)

Mary Martha Sherwood (Mrs)

Jack and Shag, and other stories ([1879])

A peep behind the scenes / by Mrs O.F.Walton (1882?)

O. F. Walton

Nobody loves me / by Mrs O.F.Walton (n.d.)

O. F. Walton

Christie, the king's servant / by Mrs O.F.Walton

O. F. Walton

Christie's old organ; or, Home sweet home / by Mrs O.F.Walton

O. F. Walton

Pixie O'Shaughnessy / by Mrs George de Horne Vaizey

George de Horne Vaizey (Mrs)

The young botanist (1848?)

Daybreak in Britain / by A.L.O.E (n.d.)

ALOE (Pseudonym for Charlotte Maria Tucker)

The crew of the Dophin / by Hesba Stretton

Hesba Stretton

The shepherd of Salisbury Plain and 'Tis all for the best (1883)

More, Hannah

Learning to feel / by Old Humphrey (1844?)

George Mogridge

The hive and its wonders (n.d.)

History of insects (1839)

History ..

Hartfield; or, Emily at school (1845?)

Ben Hadden, or, Do right whatever comes of it (n.d.)

William Henry Giles Kingston

first footsteps in the way of knowledge (n.d.)

Harry's trip to India (1921?)

W. J. Wilkins