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Early Cotswold woodland (1978)

Delia Hooke

New approaches to human geography: prehistoric Greece: a case study [short extracts] (1977)

John Bintliff

Archaeomagnetic dating and palaeochannels sediments: data from the mediaeval channel fills at Hemington, Leicestershire (1998)

Chris Ellis

An historical geography of England and Wales (1978)

Robert A. Dodgshon

British ascophoran bryozoans (1979)

P. J. Hayward

British sipunculans (1977)

P. E. Gibbs

British freshwater bivalve mollusca (1978)

A. E. Ellis

British anascan bryozoans: cheilostomata: anasca (1977)

J. S. Ryland

British tardigrades: tardigrada (1976)

C. I. Morgan (Zoologist)

British opisthobranch molluscs: mollusca: gastropoda (1976)

T. E. Thompson

British cumaceans: arthropoda: crustacea (1976)

N. S. Jones

British land snails: mollusca: gastropoda (1976)

R. A. D. Cameron

British sea spiders: arthropoda: pycnogonida (1974)

P. E. King

British harvestmen: arachnida: opiliones (1974)

J. H. P. Sankey

British marine isopods (1972)

E. Naylor

British prosobranch and other opusculate gastropod molluscs (1971)

Alastair Graham

British ascidians: tunicata: ascidiacea (1970)

R. H. Millar

Index to botanical monographs (1967)

Douglas H. Kent

A computer-mapped flora: a study of the county of Warwickshire (1971)

D. A. Cadbury

Hybrization and the flora of the British Isles (1975)

Clive A. Stace

Taxonomy, phytogeography and evolution (1972)

D. H. Valentine

Modern methods in plant taxonomy (1968)

V. H. Heywood

The science of speleology (1976)

Trevor D. Ford

Transport and economy: the turnpike roads of eighteenth century Britain (1977)

Eric Pawson

The origin of British field systems: an interpretation (1980)

Robert A. Dodgshon

Principles of archaeological stratigraphy (1989)

Edward C. Harris

Early mammals (1971)

Glass and archaeology (1982)

Susan Frank

Soil science and archaeology (1975)

Susan Limbrey

Wheat taxonomy: the legacy of John Percival (2001)

Peter Caligari

Lichen ecology (1977)

M. R. D. Seaward

Ancient marine reptiles (1997)

Jack M. Callaway

British Association for the Advancement of Science

Transport and economy: the turnpike roads of eighteenth century Britain (1977)

Eric Pawson