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The Beaker people: isotopes, mobility and diet in prehistoric Britain. (2019)

Swords and scabbards of the British early iron age (1950)

Stuart Piggott

The Wetland revolution in prehistory: proceedings of a conference held by The Prehistoric Society and WARP at the University of Exeter, April 1991 (1992)

Bryony Coles

Prehistoric roads and tracks in Somerset, England. 1: Neolithic (1968)

John Coles

Archaeological discoveries in the raised bogs of the Somerset Levels, England (1963)

H. S. L. Dewar

Prehistoric wooden trackways of the Somerset levels: their construction, age (1960)

H. Godwin

Excursion guide to sites in Berkshire and South Oxfordshire (1966)

Past - number 69 (2011)

Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society, vol 77 (2011)

Cardiff conference 29th Aug - 4th Sept, field guide: the environment and archaeology of south-east Wales

Lithic artefacts from test-pit excavations on Lundy: evidence for mesolithic and Bronze Age occupation (1994)

A. J. Schofield

Excavations on Pilsdon Pen, Dorset 1964-71 (1977)

Peter S. Gelling

Celtic fields and farms on Dartmoor, in the light of recent excavations at Kestor (1954)

Aileen Fox (Lady)

Shaugh Moor project: first report (1979)

G. J. Wainwright

The Meare Heath trackway: excavation of a Bronze Age structure in the Somerset Levels (1976)

J. M. Coles

The excavation of an Iron Age souterrain and settlement at Carn Euny, Sancreed, Cornwall (1978)

Patricia M. L. Christie

The Shaugh Moor project (1980)

G. J. Wainwright

A continental palstave from the ancient field system on Horridge Common, Dartmoor, England (1969)

Aileen Fox (Lady)

Shaugh Moor project: second report - the enclosure (1980)

G. J. Wainwright

Prehistoric settlements on Dartmoor & the Cornish moors (1952)

Courtenay Arthur Ralegh Radford

Excavations at Little Woodbury. (1949)

J. W. Brailsford