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Archaeological resource management in the UK: an introduction (1994)

The gold, silver and other non-ferrous alloy objects from Hamwick (1996)

David Hinton

Wells Manor of Canon Grange (1985)

Derrick Sherwin Bailey

Rural life in Wessex 1500-1900 (1987)

J. H. Bettey

Roman brick and tile (1987)

Gerald Brodribb

Glastonbury: history and guide (1994)

Robert W. Dunning

John Leland's itinerary: travels in Tudor England (1993)

John Chandler

The changing face of Keynsham in old photographs (1994)

Barbara J. Lowe

A Somerset Christmas (1994)

English county histories: a guide (1994)

C. R. J. Currie

Steep Holm: the story of a small island (1993)

Stan Rendell

Annals of the Elton family: Bristol merchants & Somerset landowners (1994)

Margaret Ann Elton (Lady Elton)

The complete English tradesman (1987)

Defoe, Daniel

The diary of a farm apprentice (1984)

William Carter Swan

Arthur: the king in the west (1988)

Robert W. Dunning

A path to the door: a chronicle of Petters' inventions, businesses, people, engines and aircraft, 1895-1995 (1995)

Kenneth D'Maurney Gibbons

The Perkin Warbeck conspiracy 1491-1499 (1994)

Ian Arthurson

Jack Meyer of Millfield (1993)

Michael Goater

The Pouletts of Hinton St George (1995)

Colin G. Winn

Around Minehead (1995)

Joan A. Astell

Frome in old photographs (1995)

Derek Gill

Somerset (1993)

Chris Willoughby

Proceedings (1992)

Bath: history and guide (1994)

Trevor Fawcett

Exploring the Quantock Hills with Chris Chapman (1994)

N. V.  Allen

The House of Commons 1386-1421 (1992)

John S Roskell

The House of Commons 1386-1421 (1993)

John S Roskell

The House of Commons 1386-1421 (1993)

John S Roskell

The House of Commons 1386-1421 (1993)

John S Roskell

Heraldry for the local historian and genealogist (1992)

Stephen Friar

Chard and Ilminster in old photographs (1992)

Gerald Gosling

Proceedings (1991)

English local history: an introduction (1992)

Kate Tiller

West Somerset villages in old photographs from the Hole collection (1991)

Kit Houghton

Bath history (1990)

Letters from Bath 1766-1767 (1983)

John Penrose (Reverend)

Somerset of One Hundred Years Ago (1993)

Robert W. Dunning

Somerton, Ilchester and Langport in old photographs (1993)

Gerald Gosling

Crewkerne and the Ham Stone Villages in old photographs (1993)

Folklore of Somerset (1992)

Alan L. Holt

Bridgwater: History and Guide (1992)

Robert W. Dunning

Coleridge and Wordsworth in the West country (1992)

T. W. Mayberry

Weston-super-Mare in old photographs: 1950s (1991)

Sharon Poole

Around Bath in old photographs (1991)

Somerset and Avon railways in old photographs (1990)

Clevedon in old photographs (1990)

Jane S. Lilly

Bath in old photographs (1988)

Exmoor travellers (1993)

Rosemary Anne Lauder

The buildings of Bath (1993)

Richard K. Morriss

Branch lines of Somerset (1993)

Colin G. Maggs