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Early maps of the British Isles A.D. 1000-A.D. 1579 (1961)

G. R.  Crone

Geographical distribution of vegetation in Somerset: Bath and Bridgwater district (1907)

C. E. Moss (Botanist)

Mendip: limestone quarrying, a conflict of interests (1994)

The Fenland in Roman times: studies of a major area of peasant colonization with a gazetteer covering all known sites and finds (1970)

C. W. Phillips (Historian)

The fenland in Roman times. Maps to accompany text ([1970])

C. W. Phillips (Historian)

The making of the Broads: a reconsideration of their origin in the light of new evidence (1960)

J. M. Lambert

The hydrography of Start Bay and its relationship to beach changes at Hallsands (1961)

A.H.W Robinson

Report of progress in the investigation of rivers: the Exe and its tributaries (1909)

Aubrey Strahan (Sir)

Cliff profiles of Devon and Cornwall (1949)

Muriel A. Arber

Dartmoor tin working: its effect upon scenery and land use (1968)

D. G. Broughton

John Adams his map of England its projection and his Index Villaris of 1680 (1978)

Ravenhill, William

Fourth report of progress in the investigation of rivers The Exe and its tributaries (1911)

Aubrey Strahan (Sir)

Joel Gascoyne: a cartographer with style (1972)

Ravenhill, William