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J M W Turner and Beam Bridge Station

Brian J. Murless

Turner 1775 - 1851: The World of Light and Colour (1993)

Michael Bockemuhl

Turner in the Tamar Valley: following in Turner's footsteps along the River Tamar (2009)

Diana Cook

Water mill (1812)

Robert Dunkarton

Tamerton Castle, Devonshire [sic] (1830)

R. Wallis

The Prince of Orange landing at Torbay: from the picture in the Vernon Gallery ([1820?])

William Miller (Artist)

Source of the Tamar & Torridge (1850)

W. B. Cooke

Light into colour: Turner in the South West (2006)

Sam Smiles (Art historian)

J.M.W. Turner: watercolours, drawings and paintings (2000)

Luke Herrmann

An introduction to Turner's Southern coast .. (1929)

Alexander Joseph Finberg

The watercolour drawings of J.M.W. Turner in the National Gallery

Theodore Andrea Cook (Sir)

Turner in South Devon

A. V. Ebdon

The genius of J.M.W.Turner, R.A. (1903)

J.M.W.Turner, R.A.1775-1851: a selection of twenty-four oil (1952)

Picturesque views on the Southern coast of England (1978)

J. M. W. Turner

J.M.W.Turner: his life and work : a critical biography (1966)

Jack Lindsay

Turner's rivers, harbours and coasts (1981)

J. M. W. Turner

Turner's picturesque views in England and Wales (1979)

J. M. W. Turner

Turner in Dorset: images from the Picturesque views on the southern coast of England ; exhibition at the Mulberry Gallery (1992)

Howard J. M. Hanley

The Wilson sketch book (1988)

J. M. W. Turner

Berry Pomeroy Castle (1816)

J. M. W. Turner

Torbay from Brixham (1821)

W. B. Cooke

Buckfastleigh Abbey, Devonshire ([1827])

R. Wallis

[ Buckfastleigh Abbey, Devonshire] ([1828])

R. Wallis

Clovelly Bay, Somersetshire (1824)

William Miller (Artist)

Dartmouth, Devonshire (1815)

W. B. Cooke

Dartmouth on the River Dart (1825)

Samuel William Reynolds

Dartmouth Cove (1827)

W. R. Smith

Dartmouth Castle on the River Dart (1824)

Thomas Goff Lupton

The Edystone light house (1824)

Thomas Goff Lupton

Exeter (1829)

T. Jeavons

Devonport (c.1824)

W. B. Cooke

Ilfracombe North Devon (1818)

W. B. Cooke

Ivy Bridge, Devonshire (1821)

J. C. Allen

Okehampton Castle on the River Okement (1825)

Charles Turner

Okehampton, Devonshire (1828)

J. Willmore

Plymouth Dock, (seen from Mount Edgcumbe) Devonshire (1816)

W. B. Cooke

Devonport and Dock Yard, Devonshire (1830)

T. Jeavons

Plymouth, with Mount Batten, from Turn Chapel, looking over Catwater (1817)

W. B. Cooke

Plymouth ([1830?])

T. Lapton

Plymouth, Devonshire (1832)

W. J. Cooke

Plymouth Citadel (1821)

W. B. Cooke

Mount Edgecomb, Devonshire (1825)

E. Goodall

Plymouth Sound. Taken from the Devil's Point (1823)

W. B. Cooke

Catwater. Entrance to Plymouth Sound ([1830?])

Thomas Goff Lupton

Sidmouth ([1830?])

Thomas Goff Lupton

Teignmouth, Dorsetshire (1815)

George Cooke

Teignmouth, ships on the stocks (1836)

J. M. W. Turner

Totness on the River Dart (1825)

Charles Turner

The Mew Stone at the Entrance of Plymouth Sound, Devonshire. (1816)

W. B. Cooke