Nave, Cullompton Church ([1851])

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Devon West Country Studies pB/CUL 3/1851/MIT
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Mitchell, J. C. Eight views of Cullompton and neighbourhood; together with a concise compilation of explanatory particulars and description. Cullompton: I. Frost, 1851.On entering [the Church], the eye is delighted with the superb and gorgeous screen and rood-loft, elaborately carved and richly coloured and gilt, over which is placed a neat cast of the royal escutcheon, the lofty nave being proudly arched by a roof at once elegant and unrivalled.* The panels of the screen were formerly decorated with paintings of the saints, but these have disappeared, indeed the whole has been repaired and so beautifully embellished during the recent alterations of repewing and otherwise improving the Church, made under the generous support of W. C. GRANT, ESQ., with the prompt co-operation and assistance of the vicar and inhabitants, that all traces of antiquity, other than the style of its architecture, have ceased to exist.** Lately also the centre arch of the chancel has been rebuilt, the eastern window greatly enlarged, and the upper portion enriched with brilliant stained glass.**** See Engraving.**These alterations disclosed the remains of various paintings of a rich and glowing character, with which the walls were originally decorated, such as the figures of St. Christopher and St. Michael. From this and other discoveries it has been inferred that the walls were covered with fresco or distemper, and also that every window once glowed with tinted glass. See an account of the Church by P. C. Delagarde, Esq.***This restoration is due to W. Froude, Esq., C. E. then resident in Cullompton.[Text may be taken from a different source or edition than that listed as the source by Somers Cocks.]
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