Cullompton Church, (south east view) ([1851])

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Devon West Country Studies pB/CUL 3/1851/MIT
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Mitchell, J. C. Eight views of Cullompton and neighbourhood; together with a concise compilation of explanatory particulars and description. Cullompton: I. Frost, 1851.The Church which consists of a nave, having north and south aisles, with each of which communicates by five arches, is a large and very handsome structure, attributed to the time of Henry 4th. and dedicated to St. Andrew.[…] The bold buttresses on the exterior of the Chapel, are ornamented with the initials of the founder in elegant and varied characters, and a profusion of merchants marks, and other ornaments. Beneath the windows, on a label of white stone interrupted by the buttresses, is the following very curious inscription, in large old English characters in relief.IN HONOR OF GOD & HIS BLESSED MOTHER MARY, REMB. THE SAULE OF IOHN LANE WT. A PATER NOSTER & AVE MARY, AND THE SAWLE OF TOMASYN HIS WIFFE TO HAVE IN MEMORY, WITH ALL OTHER THEIR CHILDRYN AND FRINDS OF YOURE AWNE CHERYTY, WHICH WERE FOWNDERS OF THYS CHAPELL, HERE LYETH YN CEPULTUR THE YER OF OWER LORDE GOD I THOUSANT FIVE HUNDRETH SYX AND TWENTI. GOD OF HIS GRACE ON THER BOTH SAWLES HAVE MARCY, AND FYNNLLY BRYNG THEM TO ETERNALL GLORY. AMEN FOR CHERYTY.The total width of this spacious Church is nearly seventy feet, and the length about one hundred and thirty feet.[Text may be taken from a different source or edition than that listed as the source by Somers Cocks.]
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South east view