Hillersdon House, Cullompton. The seat ... ([1851])

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Devon West Country Studies pB/CUL 3/1851/MIT
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Mitchell, J. C. Eight views of Cullompton and neighbourhood; together with a concise compilation of explanatory particulars and description. Cullompton: I. Frost, 1851.From hence [the Vicarage] we take a walk of about one mile and half on the Tiverton Road, to Hillersdon House, the seat of W. C. GRANT, ESQ., present lord of the manor, which is approached by a nicely formed carriage way, through a thickly wooded park, and stands on the side of a hill commanding a most extensive and picturesque prospect of some twenty or thirty miles.The estate was purchased by MR. GRANT, about three years since, who has erected a new house in front of the previous one, which was considerably delapidated. The present House is a modern building of red brick, with architectural embellishments of free stone, consisting of a very handsome porte cochere and collonade of the Roman doric order. The pediments of the north east and south west fronts, are adorned with shields sculptured in fine relief, bearing the family arms of the proprietor. The north side is well screened by the hill and a plantation of large trees.The floor of the entrance hall is tessellated pavement of a very chaste design by Minton. Upon passing through the hall you enter the vestibules and billiard room, subdivided by pilasters supporting elliptical arches, which together with the gallery above, form a fine perspective and produce an imposing effect. The rooms though not large are lofty, numerous, and well arranged.It was built by MESSRS KENSHOLE, of Heavitree, from a design by SAMUEL BEAZLEY, ESQ., of Soho Square, London, at a cost of about £10,000.[Text may be taken from a different source or edition than that listed as the source by Somers Cocks.]
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